Fokker XB-8
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Fokker XB-8

With the appearance of the Fokker XB-8, the last vestiges of the biplane age were gone from bomber design. An airplane of such clean lines had never before worn the colors of a U. S. Army bomber. A true cantilever design, there were no drag-producing struts or wailing rigging to reduce the efficiency of the XB-8. Like the Douglas B-7, this plane also was modified from an observation design; in this case, the Fokker O-27.

Ordered in February, 1929, with the XB-7, the sole example of the Fokker XB-8 was ready for testing in 1930. The plywood wing was shoulder mounted on the fabric covered, metal tube fuselage. The traditional nose gunner position was equipped with a sliding streamlined cover, and the fuselage side, forward of the wing, was strengthened by a corrugated panel extending to the nose.

Mounted almost entirely within the wing were two Curtiss Conqueror V-1520- engines yielding a speed of 260km/h. The retractable landing gear was pulled into large wells located in the rear portion of the engine fairings. But in spite of its sleek appearance, the performance of the XB-8 did not merit a production order and it was ultimately restored to the O-27 configuration.

Shortly after the appearance of the XB-8, the Fokker Company was reorganized as the General Aviation Manufacturing Corp. and this aircraft is sometimes referred to as the General XB-8.

Fokker XB-8A three-view drawing (534 x 714)

 ENGINE2 x 600hp Curtiss Conqueror V-1520-23
    Take-off weight4787 kg10554 lb
    Empty weight3115 kg6867 lb
    Wingspan19.51 m64 ft 0 in
    Length14.33 m47 ft 0 in
    Height3.51 m12 ft 6 in
    Wing area57.51 m2619.03 sq ft
    Max. speed258 km/h160 mph

Fokker O-27

Vinoth Kumar.R, 23.12.2017

1.What is wing loading of this aircraft??
2.What is range of this aircraft?
What is crusing speed of this aircraft?

Swampyankee, 01.08.2017

Fokker was a Dutch, not German, company.

wildr1, 28.01.2013

Fokker is a Dutch Aircraft Manufacturer

Chris, 14.12.2010

this aircraft had nothing to do with Douglas belongs in the North American Aviation house as Fokker of America was acquired by the parent company of NAA which was General Motors....

GOM, 06.01.2010

Where else could they put the Fokker ?

Derk, 22.04.2009

why is a fokker in the douglas files? did they just name it fokker after the german aircraft maker?

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