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brent scott, 12.11.2017

Interested in the E ford engine conversion and making up some of these for todays experimental designs. ie Pietenpols

David Ziegler, 18.10.2016

I am trying to locate close up pictures of the Model E Funk aircraft engine. Close up on the cylinder head. Any pictures of engine would also help. Hard to find pictures of the E Model engine.

Robert Brown, 01.02.2015

There is a GREAT museum at Coffeyville, KS at the location and original hangar of the Funk Factory. Did you know that the funk airplane started out as a GLIDER? pictures are there. (The Funks started out as test pilots for the Switzer glider co.)
Well worth the trip and entry is FREE!

kirk price, 14.12.2013

there was allso a low wing ag plane powered by a 220 cont.dont remeber the model no.

Dan Hampton, 17.08.2013

Worked at the local airport in 1950 and learned to fly. One day a strange plane landed for fueling and the pilot told me it was a Funk. He said it would not stall and he said take it up and see for your self. He was right it would mush along but not stall.

Bob B Bailey, 21.03.2013

Jimmie Freeman, A friend of mine in Tulsa, Okla. had a Funk, I do not remember the serial number. One day he called me and said he had some time off so we could fly somewhere, I said OK so we set it up to leave the next day and fly to El Paso, Texas, Turns out Jimmie was reworking the instrument panel and had all the instruments out of the plane. He said, no problem I will bring the compass tomorrow. So the next morning early we took off after a while I asked jimmie to mount the compass,to which he replied I forgot it. Being more than a little concerned I said maybe we should go back and get it. Jimmie said they tell me the most important things to have are a watch and a chart and we have those. He was right we flew all the way from Tulsa to El Paso and back ,day time ,night time, anytime. Lucky for us we had clear weather all the way. We had a very good trip. Jimmie told me at the time that he was going to fly missionaries in South America I lost touch with him but I heard that he did that. Thanks for readin, Bob

Brent Scott, 19.11.2012

Just bought arunning Funk (ford) inverted engine which I plan to install on my pietenpol. Anyone know where I can purchase any of the aluminum pieces? Send email and leave phone number.

Blaine Laux, 27.09.2012

My son restored funk #8.Now powered with a 90 hp continental. This is a great flying aircraft lots of room
no bad habits.

Kermit, 26.08.2012

I still have my 46' Funk with a cont 85 engine. I attended the first fly-in in Coffeville and met the Funk twins. Haven't flown mine for several years.

ALVIN MATHY, 22.05.2011

I learned to fly in a Funk B at Wichita Kansas and then bought it for $1200 in 1952. Great airplane, side by side seating with two cdontrol wheels. Flew it to nortern Minnesota in -19 degrees and also flew it to Green Bay. My first solo cross country was to Coffeyville where as pointed out by others the plane wasa built by the Funk brothers.Mine had a 65 hp engine and cruised at 107 mph. Engine never missed a beat the entire time I had it. Sold it to buy my wife's engagement ring.

Bob Bryan, 19.04.2011

I received my private license while in college at Brownwood, Texas, in 1948. One day while just hanging out at the airport (I like airplanes! My wife says if I turn up missing, she'll go to the nearest airport and I'll be there!), Mr. Furry, the owner/instructor asked me to join him in a flight in a unique plane. It was a Funk, N77720. Slow, you could turn it with only rudder. Lots of fun!

David E. Tyre, 06.03.2011

My oldest sister and I built a kit of the Akron Funk B while we kids during the 2nd. World War. Wasn't flyable, just a small replica, but we were "bitten" by the flying bug even then.

George Ritter, 27.02.2011

In 1957<58 I flew FunkB that was owned by Roberts Aviation, Boise, ID. The most unusual thing about this particular airplane was that it was hand started from inside the airplane via a johnson lever. It is funny that in all the article I hav e read about the Funk this uniqueness was never mentioned.

Ike Sweesy, 21.02.2011

My Uncle Thomas Emmette Stancil, Jr. had bought a Funk B and had it at Washington North Carolina where he ran the FBO. I pumped gas and did odd jobs for flying time. I checked out in the Funk July 21st, 1965 and I have a logbook entry of "X out this type TO Lds Stalls and spins" with 30 minutes of Dual & 30 minutes Solo. CFI was JJ Faircloth (smudged?), CFI 533028. I think it was Faircloth who was missing some fingers from a fireworks accident. I helped him 'hop passengers' at White Lake, NC for $4 a head. Big money in those days. I ran the PA and collected the money, then got free flying time for helping. Good memories!

Don P. Simons, 30.01.2011

My second ride in any airplane was a Model B Funk. I was 12. In later years I got to fly a couple Funks, one of which was put together by Tom McClish who bought the Funk factory assets from Coffyville and moved that to Sharon, Ohio. Sharon is on the PA -Ohio border. I tested his Funk and flew it a few times and I feel that the Funk is one of the safest light planes. Another old pal had one with a Moderl B engine which gave him 17 forced landings - no accidents. He installed a Continental C-90 and after some years bought another one and I flew it too. My one flight was a surprise when I glided in and as I went to level off, the wheel was all the way back and it just made a beautiful landing. The restricted elevator control was a very good feature.

Bob Heuermann, 28.10.2010

I owned 1946 Funk N81119 with a 75 hp Lycoming GO145C3 engine. I bought it with a blown engine and built a replacement engine for it. I flew the aircraft several hundred hours between St. Louis Parks airport and Meigs in Chicago. Only nav. com. equipt. was a Motorola senior airboy. Longest trip was to Flagstaff Arizona.

Aleck Dabney, 24.10.2010

I flew Funk out of Abilene, Texas (Butterfield Trail) airport while I was in college. Easy to fly. A real sweet airplane.

Ron Rounds, 18.10.2010

I ferried 77722 from Lake Havasu, AZ to Washington state last July. 15 hours. The C85 never missed a beat. Whatta great airplane. Actually took it into Truckee on the way. Gary Scott did a magnificent restoration he is the proud owner....

Larry Huntley, 23.09.2010

A model seldom seen is the Funk B75L. This bird sported the Lycoming GO-145. It was a geared engine, was redlined at 3200RPM and produced 75 hp. I have been rebuilding one for many years on off and on. It finally flew a month or so ago for the first time since 1954.

Harry Spencer, 31.08.2010

In 1967, I took a 47 Funk B to Spokane WA because it had an old Berlonix LF radio installed. I and another pilot spent an entire weekend flying that plane up and down the last A-N airway to learn how it worked, just because the FAA was shutting the last LF airway down in a week. Learned a lot about the old airways that weekend.

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