General Airborne MC-1A / XCG-16
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General Airborne MC-1A / XCG-16

Los Angeles-based General Airborne Transport Inc. built prototype XCG-16A transport glider, with 40 troops or four tons cargo in lifting fuselage, in 1944.

Barry, 10.03.2016

Using the concept and patent of Burnelli regarding the use of the fuselage as a lifting body, Hawley Bowlus and Albert Criz designed a half scale assault glider the Bowlus Criz MC-1. A contract to build three such cart was given to Bowlus and Criz new company Airborne and General with the intention of then building the definitive XCG-16
Despite a crash of the demonstrator MC-1 due to shifting payload it was still decided to proceed with an order of 2,000 CG-16's but due to it not meeting military expectations as a combat glider the order was cancelled in November 1944
Span 91'10" Length 48'4" Height 18'4" Capacity 42 troops or 10,050 lb cargo Max Speed 230 mph

Terrence I. Murphy, 17.02.2012

Put a couple of engines on the thing and it might have been something...or a front-heavy dud.

Naga, 26.11.2011

Looks like one of those Burnelli motor gliders

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