General Aviation GA-43
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General Aviation GA-43

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Klaatu83, 12.02.2012

This company became merged into the new North American Aircraft Company, which chose not to develop this particular aircraft further. NA concentrated on developing a highly successful series of training aircraft for the military, as well as the O-47 observation plane for the Army Air Corps. In any case, single-engine airliners were banned by the FAA, so this particular aircraft wouldn't have had any viable future, anyway.

, 17.06.2011

North American aircraft company.

deaftom, 04.04.2011

Just to add to the complexity of this design's history, it also was a close sister to the Fairchild Model 150 Pilgrim.

Bob Morris, 27.03.2010

American General Aviation Manufacturing Corp. 10 Passenger. 5 "fire-proof" mail compartments in the fuselage and wings. 700 h.p. Wright Cyclone. 160 m.p.h. cruising speed

Aero-Fox, 26.01.2009

According to Wikipedia, through a convoluted series of events involving several buy-outs, this was actually the first aircraft ever built by the North American aircraft company.

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