Goodyear GA-2 Duck
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Goodyear GA-2 Duck

Three-seat amphibious flying-boat powered by a 108kW Franklin engine mounted in pusher configuration above the fuselage.

Goodyear GA-2 Duck

 ENGINE1 x Franklin 6A4-165-B3, 123kW
    Take-off weight1043 kg2299 lb
    Empty weight726 kg1601 lb
    Wingspan10.97 m36 ft 0 in
    Length7.92 m26 ft 0 in
    Height2.90 m10 ft 6 in
    Wing area16.55 m2178.14 sq ft
    Max. speed201 km/h125 mph
    Cruise speed180 km/h112 mph
    Ceiling4570 m15000 ft
    Range483 km300 miles

Larry Ulm, 30.09.2014

I found an artist rendition of your Dad handing down the tool box to my Dad!!! I'll try to send it to you!

willis E. Vanderberg, 28.02.2013

There was a Duck at Austin Lake airport and sea plane base near Kalamazoo Michigan. I last saw in in a hanger about 1944. It was just sitting and wasn't in license.

Dan Cook, 27.08.2012

They also omitted and mention of the Gizmo, a one man helicopter that was built in the GAC Engineering Shop in Plant C. I made several parts for them.

Ken Olinger Jr., 31.07.2012

Hi all,
I am currently working on restoring a Goodyear Drake (NC5516M) at the MAPS Air Museum in Green,Ohio. We are looking for any of the schematics,electrical,hydraulic etc. for this plane.
My dad spent many an hour working on the Ducks and Drakes as a mechanic in flight operations at Goodyear and I am proud to be the second generation to work on this plane.

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of drawing schematics can contact me or the MAPS AIR MUSEUM in Green,Ohio.
We're looking forward to getting it running again!
With your help, We can do it!

Wayne, 14.03.2012

Julie: I am the crew chief on the Goodyear Drake that we are restoring at MAPS Air Museum at Akron-Canton airport. The Drake is the plane Goodyear built after the Ducks. We are restoring it to its original conditional condition. We have the original log books.

I would like to talk to you about the Ducks because it was my understanding that they were all destroyed. I have a history of all the Ducks and Drakes built. Could you frunish the N numbers on the ones you have. It would be nice to have a Duck and a Drake displayed together in a museum for all to enjoy. I would be very interest in hearing from any one with an interest in these historic airplanes and I invite you to visit MAPS on line or in person. Wayne Noall

Carl Bergsneider, 13.12.2011

The Goodyear Drake is currently under cosmetic restoration at the MAPS Air Museum in Green, OH. Current photos are available at

RICHARD SMITH, 10.07.2011


deaftom, 04.04.2011

Julie, if you listed them in Trade-a-Plane magazine, I feel fairly certain you could find some buyers for them. I'd make a bid myself if I had the money (alas!).

julie forward, 22.03.2011

My grandfather has 4 of these goodyear ducks in his garage. They are all taken apart so they could fit and he has one engine for them. He bought them from his friend a long time ago. They are blue and yellow and i use to play on them as a child..just not too sure what we should do with them..

John E. Malene, 20.02.2011

The Goodyear GA-2 Duck, N5505M was assigned to the Goodyear Wingfoot Fliers, a company flying club when I became a member in 1954. Got checked out in N5505M on 6-29-58, & flew it numerous times. Never got the water rating, but club operator used to take me for water T/O & L on Wingfoot Lake just east of the Akron airport. The GA-22A Drake was a much better aircraft with 4 seats & larger engine, but was never assigned to the club, so I never got a ride in it. Chief test pilot, Richard Uhlm, was the sole operator & used it mostly for demo flights. The company donated the Drake to EAA in 1966 & I never heard anything about it since.

R. Rooman, 20.01.2011

I lived in Montgomery N.Y. in 1938. In the main hangar was a plane called a Good Year Duck. It belonged to Strook Factory in Newburgh. It was a side by side open cockpit, with what I thought was a "tractor" thrust engine. Could have been a pusher. Lee Lord was it's pilot.

Dan Cook, 02.07.2010

Goodyear also built Rigid Airships and Blimps. Why were these overlooked in you virtual "AIRCRAFT" Museum. The flew in the air and they were passenger carrying craft.

Dan Cook, 02.07.2010

I worked at Wingfoot Lake, West of Goodyear Aerospace's Main Akron Plant. Four of these planes were parked in the filed just north of our shop, Ducks and Drakes. One day a truck pulled up with a crew of men and they began to cut all of them up into scrap metal and haul it away. It was sad to watch. It was my understanding that they were very popular in the Canadian Lake districts.

Bill Burton, Goodyear ret., 27.03.2010

As a member of the Goodyear glying club, I had access to this plane in the late 1950's I am curious that you omit
the better 4-place Goodyear Drake which was also in the Goodyear hangar at that time.

Do you have any comments about this aircraft ?

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