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Gulfstream Aerospace Gulfstream I

Grumman Aerospace Corporation began design in the mid-1950s of a twin-turboprop executive transport which was intended for a crew of two and 10-14 passengers in typical corporate versions: an alternative high-density layout could seat a maximum of 24 passengers. Designated Grumman G-159 Gulfstream I, this was a conventional low-wing monoplane with pressurised accommodation, retractable tricycle landing gear, and powered by two Rolls-Royce Dart turboprops. The prototype was flown for the first time on 14 August 1958.

In addition to the production of civil Gulfstream Is, Grumman also supplied nine TC-4C aircraft to the US Navy. Required for the training of crews to serve with Grumman A-6A Intruder squadrons, they are easily distinguished from standard Gulfstreams by having a bulbous nose radome. Two other Gulfstream Is were acquired by the US Coast Guard under the designation VC-4A, these being used as VIP transports.

Most of the 200 Gulfstream Is that were built went to customers in North America, but a number of these are now being converted to Gulfstream I-C configuration. This programme was initiated by Gulfstream American Corporation (now Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation) following the acquisition of Grumman's Gulfstream division. The conversion entails a fuselage 'stretch' of 3.25m to provide seating for a maximum 37 passengers, but is otherwise little different from the original Gulfstream I.

Gulfstream Aerospace Gulfstream I

 ENGINE2 x turbo-prop Rolls-Royce RDa-7/2, 1550kW
  Take-off weight15920 kg35098 lb
  Empty weight9990 kg22024 lb
  Wingspan23.9 m78 ft 5 in
  Length19.4 m64 ft 8 in
  Height6.8 m22 ft 4 in
  Wing area56.7 m2610.31 sq ft
  Cruise speed575 km/h357 mph
  Ceiling10670 m35000 ft
  Range w/max.fuel3780 km2349 miles

Dexter Francis, e-mail, 02.11.2020 00:19

I'm currently developing a G-159 for X-Plane and have original copies of the Flight and Engine manuals. Keep those stories coming or contact me for further informaiton.


Bryanswg, e-mail, 03.02.2021 Dexter Francis

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Erik, 09.02.2016 22:28

What is the fuel burn ?


Dexter Francis, e-mail, 02.11.2020 Erik

The SFC of the Dart Mk 529 was 0.72 lb /hr /shp. The fuel burn varied between 594 and 1200 lb /hr. between 30,000 ft. @ -40 °C and sea level at _40 °C.


Harmanrrt, e-mail, 12.10.2020 Erik

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F. Graff, e-mail, 12.03.2015 21:44

I flew s /n 1 GI for 14 years for Grumman Corp. Flight Transportation. Loved the airplane. It was fantastically reliable and decades ahead of its time. Those Dart engines were noisy, but bullet-proof...


David Dahlke, e-mail, 13.06.2013 20:04

If you go to Disney, Orlando and take the train ride at Planet Hollywood , you will see Walt Disney's G1 on display complete with MM logo on tail


scottb60, e-mail, 14.03.2012 00:16

Flew one evaluating it for a start-up airline, we were looking at the then new Pratt and Whitney engine, on the Brazilia and others. I remember parking G-1's from an oil company when I worked in Colorado an extremely loud engine.

New engines and a G-6 cockpit would make a great mid-range transport. With the planned stretches it would have been even better.


Capt. Hector Rios, e-mail, 13.03.2012 21:20

I began to fly G159 on 1981, and leave it on 2004
Reliable plane 99 porcent


Dale Trainer, e-mail, 17.02.2012 06:53

I am currently flying S /N 096, What a great plane. We have upgraded the engines and it made all the differnce in the world. We now cruise at FL210 @ 300kts TAS.


daxiong, 18.06.2011 05:49

I was a crew member on the Coast Guards one an only G159 for 12 years and loved every flight, this aircraft is a true wonder.


deaftom, e-mail, 04.04.2011 23:19

Both the Gulfstream I and Gulfstream II are more properly listed as "Grumman" products. Gulfstream did not take on a separate identity under that name until 1978. The Gulfstream III and later models do belong under "Gulfstream".


Greg Art, e-mail, 09.03.2011 03:44

I flew the Gulfstream 159 for Conoco Oil Company in the late 70's early 80,s. We had three of them and they were a dream to fly, built like a tank, very comfortable and fast. It remains one of my favorite airplanes to have ever flown. And yes, just beautiful to look at.


Vern Baisden, e-mail, 01.03.2011 21:29

Received a type rating in the late 70s on the G-1. The examiner on this flight was the legendary, Bill Conrad. He was a pilot on the Boeing 307 Stratoliner. A book could easily be written about his aviation experiences. He was
one of the gratest story tellers that I have ever met. I'm sure that anyone who ever met him would agree.


Jack McFadyen, e-mail, 02.01.2011 23:42

I was an enlisted crew member, and maintenance technician (AE)on the three TC-4Cs assigned to VA-128, stationed at NAS Whidbey Island. My time of service on the TC-4C was 8-71 to 6-75. The Grumman engineers made a "masterpiece" when they rolled this fine aircraft out of the hangar.


Alan C. Higgs, e-mail, 21.12.2010 02:57

NASA at one time flew the high-time G-159A, Serial Number 098 in Houston, Texas at the Johnson Space Center. I accumulated 4,700 hours on it as Flight Engineer (the aircraft as certified only required two crew members, but NASA flew a third maintenance crewmember.) The aircraft's call sign was NASA 2, Reg. N2NA.


Bob Leonard, e-mail, 19.08.2010 21:59

I got my G-1 type in 1979 and flew Serial #198. For 4 years we flew north & central America. Haveing previous experience in RR Dart engines (F-27 /F-227) I knew their strong & weak points. The aircraft was a good beginning for the Gulfstream corperate jets that followed. It flew well but required respect.


NH RACKLEY, e-mail, 09.04.2010 15:56

I flew the G-159 as the Navy /Marine TC-4C variant A-6 BN Trainer at MCAS Cherry Point, NC. One beautiful airplane that just wanted to fly; after a flight you always looked back at it while you were walking to the ops building.


Tom Cavey, USCG (ret), 02.04.2010 18:10

I was a crew member on the Coast Guards one an only G159 for 12 years and loved every flight, this aircraft is a true wonder.


Capt Jim Osborn, USCG (ret), e-mail, 09.04.2009 22:50

I flew the Coast Guard's only VC4A in the early 70s for the CG's VIP unit in DC. What a great, reliable, efficient aircraft. What a mistake the CG made not buying this aircraft to replace the aging HU16E Albatross instead of the HU25A Falcon jet.


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