Grumman S-2 Tracker
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Grumman S-2 Tracker

The Tracker is a twin 1,136.4kW Wright R-1820-82WA-powered carrier-based antisubmarine search and attack aircraft, produced originally for the US Navy but currently also in service with the air forces and navies of several countries.

The prototype flew for the first time on 4 December 1952 and more than 1,000 S-2s were delivered by Grumman. The initial production version was designated S-2A (CP-121, formerly CS2F-1 for the Canadian version). Next came the S-2B with new anti-submarine detection equipment; the TS-2B trainer; S-2G with enlarged bomb bays to house two homing torpedoes (most converted to US-2C or RS-2C); S-2D with improved anti-submarine equipment, wider cockpit and longer range; S-2E with improved anti-submarine equipment; S-2F with uprated submarine detection equipment; S-2G, early version uprated with a Martin Marietta kit; US-2A/C, S-2A/C converted for target towing; US-2B utility/transport conversion of the S-2B; RS-2C, S-2C converted for photo-reconnaissance/ survey work; AS-2D, S-2D modified for night attack; and E-1B Tracer, AEW version with a radome on its back.

S-2E Tracker

 ENGINE2 x Wright R-1820-82WA Cyclone, 1137kW
    Take-off weight13222 kg29150 lb
    Empty weight8505 kg18750 lb
    Wingspan22.12 m73 ft 7 in
    Length13.26 m44 ft 6 in
    Height5.05 m17 ft 7 in
    Wing area46.08 m2496.00 sq ft
    Max. speed426 km/h265 mph
    Cruise speed241 km/h150 mph
    Range w/max.fuel2092 km1300 miles
 ARMAMENTone nuclear dive bomb, sonobouy launchers, bombs, missiles, torpedos

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Riley Beebe, 09.11.2015

I flew both #3and #4 from 1961 to 62 in VS25 from the USS Yorktown, NAS Los Alamitos, and NAS North Island, did the 1961/62 West PAC cruise. Pilot Hutton Co Pilot Shultz, Ak3 Manning and my self. Like to say hi to AT2 Howard Seals, we work together normally aboard ship night shift. We also did the Johnson Island Nuclear test ride together. At Itasuki AFB Japan I remember that we were told to call the end of the runway and THEN 10k feet. And Mr Hutton called 10K and when he was reprimanded for not calling the end of the runway, he replied that we would do that when we got there. silence

Gofer (Raf), 05.08.2015

As an ADR-3/Plain/Captain made the 1964 and the 1966 cruise on the Yorktown. We were home based out of North Island San Diego. Got separated from active duty April 1967 and did two years of inactive reserves and got my honorable discharge in July 1969. Best wishes to all my former shipmates. RAF

AVCM (ret) Billy Yarborough, 20.07.2015

I was an AT in VT-31 from '68-'70 working on TS-2A's and US-2B's. I was then in VR-24 Naples and Sigonella from '73-'78 supporting C-1A's, C-2A's and CT-39G's. The S-2/C-1 was and outstanding aircraft.

Gary Gordon, 29.06.2015

Flew on a C-1 one time. Off the deck of the USS Ticonderoga in 1969. We were in Northern Gulf of Tonkin when I left the ship. Need someone who flew this type of plane to say that more likely than not the plane would have landed in Da Nang, South Vietnam before going on the Subic Bay as we had to fly around Hainan Island and Da Nang was very close at that point. This would have been a routine flight not a special one. Looking to prove "boots on the ground" for an agent orange case. contact me @

John McCorquodale, 03.05.2015

I made two WestPac cruises in VS-29. I got out in July, 1968. I was an AX3(AC) and flew in the back of the S2. We flew surveillance flights along the North Vietnam coast. I have many Cat shots and arrested landings on the "Mighty Kay" USS Kearsarge CVS-33. We have an All Hands VS-29 Reunion every two years, have about 42 show up each year. Just had one in April 2015.

Jack Chandler, 18.04.2015

VS-28 (72-74) and VS-24 (74-75). Yes, I've crawled through the hatch and out on the wing to bang home my share of wing locks (while on the cat prepping for North Atlantic in ice/rain). Also chase endless hydraulic leaks in engine bays during frigid early morning launches at Quonset...loved it! Would not trade those experiences for a million bucks...

Jack Chandler, 18.04.2015

VS-28 (72-74) and VS-24 (74-75). Yes, I've crawled through the hatch and out on the wing to bang home my share of wing locks (while on the cat prepping for North Atlantic in ice/rain). Also chase endless hydraulic leaks in engine bays during frigid early morning launches at Quonset...loved it! Would not trade those experiences for a million bucks...

Jim McGuinness, 16.04.2015

I was assigned as ships company to the USS Saratoga from 1958 - 1960. I was a crew chief on one of the two TF Traders which were the only A/C which belonged to the ship as COD ( carrier onboard delivery ) A/C. The remainder of the A/C belonged to squadrons. The TF's were classified as utility A/C and used for many different missions. They were very good A/C with low non-routine maintenance requirements for a lot of flight hours.

LT Hank Miller USN, 16.04.2015

Attention Doug Snyder AK3 ! My roommate in Pensacola during flight training was LT Billy W Ray. When I called the squadron in March 1968 to speak with him i got the full court interrogation by the CO as to why I called. He said there had been an incident and the crew was missing. I would appreciate any and all info you may have regarding this. Thanks!

Doug Snyder AK3, 21.03.2015

I was in VS23 (Black Cats) from Sept 1965 to June 1968. Flew as #3 operator. Before terminating flying in Feb 68 due to back problems I was part of the crew that perished off of Vietnam on March 17,1968.

Howard Seals, 22.02.2015

I had the pleasure of joining VS-25 in 1959 after finishing electronics school in Memphis, Tn.. My tour of duty was from 8/1958 to 8/1962. VS-25 was located in Los Al.,southern Ca.. I did 2 'west pac' cruises and won my AC golden wings in 1960.
I was fortunate to operate both back seats and had time in the right hand seat on cross country flights. Enjoyed the tour of duty, because of the training I went to work for IBM and I had a 35 yr career. Thank you Navy, S2F, and all the great people I met during my tour of duty. I still remember the 3 bolders before catching the wire. Peace!

Dr Richard Dexter Olson, 04.02.2015

I flew this beauty from Feb `55-Aug57, from Quonset Point RI; we were deployed abourd the USS Leyte, USS Tarawa, & USS Antietam; great airplane & enjoyed every minute of it; would love to hear from anyone who was there at that time

Leonard Cook, 10.12.2014

In Dec 1964, at age 18, I enlisted in the Naval Air Reserve in VS-771 a NAS Los Alamitos, Long Beach, CA. Spent 4.5 months in ADR school in Memphis from 3/64 to 8/64 and then started college. By the time my 6 years were up I had made E-5(in 3.5 years) and was aircrew/flying seats 3&4 on at least one flight per monthly drill weekend. I also qual'd as a plane captain. Once I had my college degree I was "hounded" monthly by my CO to go OCS and pilot training, but chose to start law school in 9/69. Great memories of napping on a wing near a warm engine at 2300 hrs while waiting for the refueling truck. Still get a kick out hearing/seeing an S-2 refitted with turboprops flying for CDF.

Gary Nagorka, 30.11.2014

I was in Uncle Sams Navy between 1965 & 1969, VS-35 out of North Island San Diego/ U.S.S. Hornet CVS - 12. Aw-3 Air Anti-Submarine operator 3 & 4. Enjoyied the whole experiance, saw over two hundred traps off the Hornet and during a couple carrior quals on the York Town. Flew with three different Commanding Officers of VS-35, went West Pac
on two separate occasions. Enjoyied the whole experience, and never will understand why I chose to leave when it came time to ship over.

Jim Biggers, 11.10.2014

Does the S2 have an angle-of-attack indicator?

Doug Cox (Ierien) ADR2, 09.10.2014

I was a Aircrewman / Plane Capt on our two S-2's and one C-1 that were ships company aircraft at NAS Fallon Nv. from 1977 to 1980. One of our old S-2's is now deactivated with the CDF in northern cali.. BuNo 136546, I understand that 136760 and 144704 were scrapped and are in Tucson AZ.
I concur with everyone that there's nothing like those Wright / Pratt Whitney R-1820-82B's! I miss flying those things.. got 480 hrs in them back in the late 70's.

Jim burns, 27.08.2014

I was at VS-30 NAS boca chica from May 64 thru March 66. I worked in operations and took care of all pilot flight logs and entry's . I also prepared the daly flight schedule . Had a great time and many happy memories of.the old key west.

ED HALETT, 10.08.2014

I would like some info on e S-2F so i could build a scale R/C plane please contact me.

Doug Campbell, 18.07.2014

I was air crew AX-2, #3&4 with VS-27. In service from 2/63 to 2/67. Many fond memories. It seems vs-27 is being lost in history! No mention of our two week 24/7 engagement of multiple soviet submarines in the Med during a Med deployment.

gary lee, 22.06.2014

plane capt on s2 and s2e 63 to 65

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