Halpin Flamingo
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Halpin Flamingo

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Barry, 07.07.2016

The Halpin Development Company sold the design and rights of this aircraft to the Metal Aircraft Corporation of Cincinnati who unveiled it to the public at 1929 National Air Races. There were, including the Halpin Flamingo, six variants and it was indeed in one of these that Jimmy Angel crash landed and "discovered" the eponymous falls.

Power plant 1 x 410 h.p Pratt & Whitney R-1340 Wasp 9 cylinder air cooled radial

Length 32'6" Height 9'6"
Empty weight 2,960 lb Gross weight 5,600 lb

Max speed 135 mph Cruising speed 115 mph

Scott Ladrigan, 20.09.2014

I have a picture of this aircraft, it was the first one built at lunken field in cincinnati

rickboyd@usa.com, 03.11.2011

Jimmy Angel

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