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Heath Parasol

Heath Airplane Co. of Chicago produced ultralights and aerobatic gliders from 1925, classic Parasol single-seater appearing 1926. Ed Heath built many Parasol variations, plus at least eight racers, some using Parasol parts. Most famous Cannonball 1930 and 115 Special and Center-Wing racer 1932. Since 1960 Parasol has been resurrected by Ace and others.

Kurt Catob, e-mail, 04.07.2012 16:38

I have, in my possession, my father Karl's graduation certificate from Heath School of Aviation. It is signed by Eddie Heath and Al Meyer, Chief Instructure,dated 15 January, 1927. They certified both construction and flying.


George McClellan, e-mail, 22.11.2010 15:03

I have one of four CNA-40s built. The other three are in museums. The one I have is the only one built from a kit. The 40HP Continental has fifteen hours on it. I also have a core engine. (757) 342-9030


Bob Spofford, e-mail, 18.11.2010 03:23

This same Ed Heath later founded the Heathkit company, of Benton Harbor, MI, which was a mainstay of electronic hobbyists from the late '40s through the early 70s.


James Hays, e-mail, 29.12.2009 18:09

Ed Heath built a series of parasols starting with the first with a set of surplus Thomas-Morse Scout wings, he quickly built his own wings with a Clark Y airfoil which worked much better, then the Super Parasol with parallel struts with rebuilt Henderson motorcycle engines modified to produce an alleged 27 Horsepower. The V strut that is pictured came next and later the LNB-4 with the Heath-Henderson and the LNA-40 with a 40 hp Continental which worked much better, both with N lift struts. The latter two were avaliable as certified aircraft and went on to be copied and become the Pober Pixie. The center wing CNA-40 was successful, but Heath was killed testing a low wing model when a wing came off. The mid-wing Baby Bullet and other racers are another story.


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