Helio H-295 Super Courier
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Helio H-295 Super Courier

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Andy Pilszak, 03.07.2017

Andy Pilszak, 20.06.2012

Saw your note on Virtual Aircraft Museum web site. I was with a group that flew two helios to Panama from Ft. Bragg. These were 63-13178, and 63-13180. The Army had 15 there and we took two of them to the 8th. SFG. at Fort Gulick (Coco Solo NAS). They were all painted various colors, and bore little resemblance to Army aircraft. This was in Dec. of 1968.

Bob McConnell, 12.04.2015

I flew this bird all of 1965 stationed at Ben Hoa AB, Vietnam. We had six pilots and three aircraft assigned to the 1st Air Commando Squadron. Our primary mission was psychological warfare, flying for the US Army. Leaflets and loudspeakers. When not flying our primary mission we flew missions for the Army Special Forces who we stayed with while deployed from Ben Hoa.

Major Steve Olek, 24.01.2015

I flew the U-10D in Vietnam on my 1968-69 Sp Ops tour of duty and absolutely loved that airplane. Never found it lacking in performance and still think the USAF Sp Ops folks should be using it today.

Don Carty, (Col. USAF-Ret), 09.05.2012

A Capt.Dick Birch and I flew this aircraft in 1961 at Malstrom AFB, Mt. As far as Iknow I was one of the first and probably the first USAF pilot to fly one. The USAF wanted it for Missile crewmembers to fly back and forth to MINUTEMAN missile site. I still have a check list I think. It was called the L-28 when I flew it.It could slow fly at 27 kts. Max ceiling was 18000 ft. and it got 13 miles per gallon for a range of 900 miles.The USAF replaced it with L-20 BEAVERS which were replaced by H-19 Helicopters after a non rated missile crew crashed oneabout 1962.The Helio was made in Pittsburg. KA

Doug Johnson, 31.07.2011

G-BAGT is 1968, H-295 1200series Helio courier c/n 1288 located in U/K reportedly sold originally N6346V.

Please send me a larger photo for my helio Archives

D. Petersen, 15.05.2011

U.S. Air Force version was designated the U-10, mostly U-10Ds. Aircraft flew primarily in Viet Nam, Laos and Cambodia,some under the Air America banner. Some served in other countries including South America, Phillipines, etc. Those in Laos and Cambodia had no markings. Terrific performing aircraft using unimproved strips in all sorts of weather. I still have the flight manuals.

Bob, 22.12.2010

Helio also produced the Super Courier in a Tri-Gear configuration (very few mfg). My wife and I commuted daily in our Tri-Gear from CA to AZ for 3+ years. Bulletproof single engine commuter.

Mahjong, 25.08.2010

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Luis M. Moreno, 02.07.2009

Fabulous and incredibel aircraft.

Stephen Ruby, 27.02.2009

Helio Super Courier # 1288, been around the UK for awhile and apparently uses skis now. Lycoming GO-480-G1D6 (295 HP)

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