Hughes 1B Racer
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Hughes 1B Racer

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Hughes 1B RacerA three-view drawing (1234 x 1040)

 MODELRacer (speed record)
    Take-off weight2491 kg5492 lb
    Empty weight1617 kg3565 lb
    Wingspan7.59 m25 ft 11 in
    Length8.23 m27 ft 0 in
    Height3.30 m11 ft 10 in
    Wing area12.82 m2137.99 sq ft
    Max. speed567 km/h352 mph

gabriel, 17.10.2014

este modelo es el mejor

Ben Beekman, 21.10.2012

I recently watched a TV program on World War 2 aircraft that said Kurt Tank saw this Hughes design fly and it influenced him in his later design of the FW-190.

a.machiaverna, 25.09.2011

Any truth to the old rumour that the 1B inspired the Japanese in designing the "Zero"? The rear section of the epinage is identical.

Jon Wagner, 23.09.2011

I went to Eddie Martin Airport near Santa Ana, CA ( later Santa Ana AAFB, Orange Co. Airport and John Wayne Intl AP) with my grandfather and dad to see Howard set a speed record over the surrounding bean fields in this plane.
Incidentally after WW II Paul Mantz Aviation had many WW II birds at Orange Co. Airport that were used in many films We used to drive by them going to the drag races at OCAP in the 50's

beiguo, 20.06.2011

They made a pretty good replica of this for 'The Aviator', I wonder if it was just a prop or a working plane...

, 20.06.2011

Hughes 1B Racer

Dave Ramies, 05.03.2011

Saw the replica at Reno in 2002 (and have some footage of it somewhere) - awesome sight and sound!! Tragic loss of pilot and aircraft in the following year.

John Cummings, 02.03.2011

The Wright Museum in Cottage Grove, OREGON has a prop hanging on the wall. I believe it was built by Wright for his replica.

Bob Greenleaf, 23.08.2010

The H-1 was designed by Richard Palmer an engineer at Vultee Aircraft. The plane had two sets of wings, one for speed and the longer for more range.

Fan of this site, 22.05.2010

Is this the Hughes H-1 which is in the the US National Air and Space Museum's two locations -- the National Mall building Inventory number: A19750840000 Hughes H-1

Recordo, 30.01.2010

Jim Wright built a faithful replica from photographs of the 1B in 2002 (Hughes left no plans) but was killed in the same airplane a year later.

Dave Ortega, 15.04.2008

The aircraft used in "The Aviator" were models of about 1/3 scale. One of the air magazines some time ago had an extensive article on them. Beautiful, weren't they?

Aero-Fox, 28.03.2008

They made a pretty good replica of this for 'The Aviator', I wonder if it was just a prop or a working plane...

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