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Irwin Meteorplane M-T-2

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Charles Leigus, 07.01.2015

I have a original copy of the Irwin Meteorplane M-T-2 plans consisting of 5 sheets that I have for auction on Ebay.

William, 04.06.2011

After looking at 2 small photos of Meteorplanes I became interested in aircraft that could take a working stiff of that era into the air. About 30 years ago I located a partially completed one with the plans rolled in the cockpit. Since it was somewhat pre-fab they are not too detailed. I copied them to add to my colection.To me it was a great find. Bill Hill

Howard Chapman, 18.02.2011

Jack Irwin started this in Sacramento, Ca. and moved to the then Watsonville airport (the old one that became a blimp base during WWII). He closed up shop (mid-thirties)when the CAA insisted he change the control hinging from the over & under leather straps to metal hinges which the structure wouldn't take as it was. I think it was his personal airframe and engine that was taken to Bolinas and refurbished and displayed at the Watsonville airshow. Talk about your basic airplane - there was absolutely nothing on it that wasn't essential to get it and one people off the ground. From some of the correspondence I salvaged from the scatter in an old shed if a person was too heavy or the air too thin the Meteormotor would not do the job. Both Jack and his wife were small light people.

David Cash, 17.03.2009

This aircraft was in a Sport Aviation article about it's designer back in the 1970's. The airplane itself was a homebuilt design from maybe the 1920's or '30's. If I rememaber correctly it was either sold as a kit or plans and not a one-off design.

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