Jet Craft MJ-II
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Jet Craft MJ-II

Jet Craft of Las Vegas contracted with Aviation Traders to convert a D.H.115 Vampire Trainer as prototype for 4- and 6-seat Executive and MJ-II.

Barry, 09.11.2016

Apparently Jet Craft did demonstrate the MJ-TI, a D.H Vampire T.11 with a Goblin engine modified by Marshall's of Cambridge, at the 1969 Paris air show. Alongside it at their stand was a model of the modified Vampire T.55 with a Viper engine which was identified as the MJ-II.

Greg L., 03.09.2014

Man, looks good but looking back at how bad the old Vampire Jets were, that would have been a scary one.

nancy churchill, 05.12.2013

My Mom and Dad left me paperwork that shows certificate numbers and amount of shares, they were signed by John E. Morgan, President on Nov. 8, 1968. Does anybody have any info. or a way to contact them if they are still around? Thank You

morris diehl, 20.09.2011

Wow someone besides me knows about jetcraft usa. I was looking through some stuff I had and came across 25000 shares that are probably worth nada. I bought them in 1987 when my next door neighbor work for them so naturally I knew nothing.

deaftom, 05.04.2011

I don't believe this was ever built, let alone flown; consequently, it should not be on this site at all. Most likely Jet Craft couldn't scrape together enough financing to reach the hardware stage. Another example of the aeronautical equivalent of computer companies' "vaporware".

Jean Vladimir Térémetz, 24.05.2009

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