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Keystone B-5

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Keystone B-5

 ENGINE2 x 525hp Wright R-1750-3 Cyclone 9
    Take-off weight5868 kg12937 lb
    Empty weight3498 kg7712 lb
    Max. speed179 km/h111 mph
    Ceiling3231 m10600 ft
    Range1312 km815 miles

Barry, 09.11.2016

A development of the B-3, in fact I do believe the picture at the top of this page is a B-3. The B-3 had been ordered as the LB-10 but the USAAC dropped the L.B. (light bomber) designation and from 1930 the B-3A appellation was adopted. When the B-3A was re-engined with Wright 1750-3 engines the first three were given the title Y1B-5 and these were followed by 27 B-5A production bombers some of which continued in service until 1940.

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