Keystone XB-1 Super Cyclops
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Keystone XB-1 Super Cyclops

The first plane in the new basic "B" category for bombardment type aircraft was originally designed by the Huff-Daland Company, but delivered to the Army by the newly formed Keystone Company as the XB-1 in 1928. The two geared Packard 2A-1530 engines used were unacceptable and the bomber was re-engined with two Curtiss V-1570 Conquerors of 600hp each. With the new engines, the single example of the Super Cyclops was given the designation XB-1B and had a top speed of 190km/h. Unique among its contemporaries, the XB-1B carried two of its crew of five in gun turrets in the aft portion of the engine nacelles. Each gunner was armed with two Lewis machine guns firing rearward. Another gunner, similarly armed, was located in the nose of the plane. [USBOMBERS]

Keystone XB-1 Super CyclopsA three-view drawing (572 x 736)

    Take-off weight7736 kg17055 lb
    Empty weight4296 kg9471 lb
    Wingspan25.91 m85 ft 0 in
    Length18.90 m62 ft 0 in
    Height5.87 m19 ft 3 in
    Wing area149.02 m21604.04 sq ft
    Ceiling4572 m15000 ft
    Range1127 km700 miles
 ARMAMENT1100kg of bombs

Keystone XB-1 Super Cyclops

Barbara guckert, 18.10.2011

I was left a picture of these planes flying maneuvers over Washington D.C/ in 1931. It hung in my dads offices over the years and now graces my den wall along with a picture of Major General Fourlois standing by the Wright Bros, aircraft before his flight from Ft. Meyers to Alexandria, circa 1908-09.
I thought you might be able to tell me more about the Keystone planes and the manuveras tht day in 1931.

thank you very much.

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