Laird-Turner LRT
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Laird-Turner LRT

Winner of the Thomson Trophy in 1938 and 1939.

Kurt Catob, 04.07.2012

There are other examples of Laird's work at the Glen Curtiss Museum in Hammondsport, NY.

Roy Murphy, 14.05.2012

I hitched my way from Boston to Cleveland Air Races in 1938. I met Roscoe Turner beside his Meteor on the dispay line. I was 17 and he lifted me up on the wing so I could see the cockpit. Then he borrowed a kids bike, sat on the handle bars backward and in full military uniform rode down the runway and back. A couple days later he won the Thompson trophy race. A colorful charater and a gentleman.
40 years later in the DC air museum I got to touch the Meteor again. I love that airplane and the memory

Tom Yost, 18.05.2011

Col Roscoe Turner was my boyhood hero. In 1965 i was waiting to catch a plane in Columbus ( think ) and across from the terminal was the Turner Flying Service. He wasnt there that day but I got a picture of the Laird-Turner Racer hanging from ceiling in the hanger

deaftom, 05.04.2011

Actually, designated the LTR-14 Special, also called the Meteor.

Bob Tufo, 13.03.2011

This is Matty Laird's masterpiece conceived and built on the South Side of Chicago.

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