Martin P5M Marlin
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Martin P5M Marlin

With the US Navy requiring a new patrol flying-boat, Martin decided to develop the successful PBM Mariner, the resulting Martin Model 237 design combining the wing and upper hull of the Mariner with the new lower hull structure. The close relationship between the two types is emphasised by the fact that a PBM-5 Mariner served as the prototype XP5M-1 which, when ordered into production, was given the name Marlin. The modified hull of the XP5M-1 incorporated radar-directed nose and tail turrets, as well as a power-operated dorsal turret, and power was provided by two 2424kW Wright R-3350 radial engines. This prototype flew for the first time on 30 May 1948, but it was not until two years later that the P5M-1 was ordered into production, the first of these series aircraft being flown on 22 June 1951. Initial deliveries, to US Navy Squadron VP-44, began on 23 April 1952 and the type remained in service until the mid-1960s. In addition to those operated by the US Navy, 10 of the later P5M-2 version were supplied to France under the American MAP for use by the Aeronavale.

Martin P5M Marlin

 ENGINE2 x Wright R-3350-32WA Turbo-Compound, 2573kW
    Take-off weight38555 kg85000 lb
    Empty weight22900 kg50486 lb
    Wingspan36.02 m118 ft 2 in
    Length30.66 m101 ft 7 in
    Wing area130.62 m21405.98 sq ft
    Max. speed404 km/h251 mph
    Ceiling7300 m23950 ft
    Range3300 km2051 miles
 ARMAMENT3600kg of weapons

Martin P5M Marlin

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Robert Hauser,, 28.06.2014

I took 2 PBM's to Sangley point.I was an AD2 and flight engineer. The first crashed on take off at Swatow China rescuing a Navy P2V. We lost both Navy and Coast Guard. The second crashed during a rescue of a seaman on a Japanese freighter. This was in 1952-1953.

gerald smith,, 20.06.2014

formerly vp 50 57 to 62. best times of my 21 years service. still have contact with part of my crew members and ordnance shop personnel.
like to make contact with other P boat crewmwmbers

john clark at-2,, 21.03.2014

Air Crewman VP-42 Sept, 1956 -August 1957 MAD operator, then eventually 1st radio. Memories rekindled watching the P3 and P8 in the search for Malaysia 370. I wonder how much better the MAD gear must be 60 years later...
Nice ride.

Dan Creverling,, 27.02.2014

Served with VP-50 from June 1959 - Feb 1962,later retired after 22 years. VP-50 represented the best memories of my career.

Tom Sacher,, 17.01.2014

Great reading many of the comments, I too served in VP-49, 61'to 63' AE 2, Plane Capitan of LP-5. What a great bunch of guys I served with. The US Navy was a great place to grow up. The P5M was quite aircraft. didn't like Cuba much especialy the time we put a hole in the hull landing at night. But God was with us and we are here to talk about it. Drop a line if you served with me, God Bless America!!!

Jesse Salazar,, 20.12.2013

I served in VP-42 from 1960 to 1963 & as a kid just out of high school I had a great crew who taught me all about this aircraft. Being a kid from Nebraska they liked me because I wasn't afraid to work. My first flight in my life was in a P5M & I met some great guys from all over the USA.

Walt Stevens,, 10.12.2013

i interred VP 42 as the "boot ensign" in Sept. '57. I was assigned to be "registered Pubs" officer. I got into hot water with the skipper after failing to be able to account for a page from one of the publications. We never did recover the page.
So my Naval career was ended there and then. All for the best, I guess. I had a long and wonderful career with American Airlines Retired in 1996. Drop me a line.

Mike White,, 09.12.2013

Was attached to VP-31 1963-65 Radioman and panel operator.

James D. Sytsma,, 23.11.2013

I served with VP-49 1962 - 1964.(Bermuda,Cuba & Patuxent River Maryland) I was an Aviation storekeeper but had times when I was able to fly with the crew in the P5M. My first flight in the plane to the states was quite an experience!! Thought it would never get off the water!! Then the firing of the jato bottles!! Then my first night flight to cuba!!
We were a Great Squadron!!

Walt Stevens,, 01.11.2013

I was assigned to VP-42 right out of Corpus Christi Tex. Boot Ensign and happy to be one. Of course being the boot Ensign I was assigned to be the "Registered Pubs" Officer. What great comrades I made there at North Island...Mexican Village singing, and of course Survival School!, 12.09.2013

I was stationed on the. USS Currytuck AV 7. A Marlin P5M tender. GREAT MEMORYS

Ernie Powell,, 02.08.2013

Hi, I served in VP-31 for just a few months on the P5 before they took them out of service.This was 11-1966 into
I have an interesting clip of a Japanese plane which looks like and updated P5 to 4 turbo props and a huge tail on the rear.
I would like to send it to you P5M guys if you interested.Please contact me,for the video website. I
was in the Navy 1961 to 1969, served in VP-21 P2's,VP-31 P5's and P2's, the VP-48 P3's.I was an AT, Radio and all the ASW positions,but flew mostly radio.

James Blakeman,, 08.07.2013

Served in VP-31 NAS North Island. Was Radio/Electric Panel operator on P5M's and qualified ECM operator. We trained pilots and aircrew for other units.

Bobby Zlatkin,, 17.06.2013

I was an ADR3 in VP49 in Bermuda from 4/59 to 4/61. Was never assigned to a permanent flight crew but I flew whenever I got a chance. Drew flight pay and substituted as a 'fill in'. Always as a second mech. That means I usually cooked and transferred fuel when the plane captain took a break. When not flying, I was on 'night check' working on the planes.

These two years were the most exciting/fun time of my life.

Bob Hearon,, 09.06.2013

Hey Ron Harrison (above) from VP49 Bermuda in 1954+.
I was in FASRON795 there from '52/late 54 as AE/AEI and Flight crew member. Great times!

Chuck Ross, AMS3/AMSC,, 08.06.2013

I was in VP40 in '60 and '61. Got into a little trouble with a local girl(later my wife) and was s**t-canned back to conus.I was a stand-by crewman and flew many hours in the P5. Cavite City was the best liberty anywhere.. Like to re-touch with Tyler, my buddy at the time.

Sue Liess,, 26.03.2013

Saw a painting of the P5M-2 at the NAS museum in Pensacola and would love to have a copy for my husband who sered in that plane. Anyone know if and where it might be available.

Bob Rowe,, 16.03.2013

VP 45 out of Bermuda 1956/58 asRadar/Radio/ECM operated
as Flight electrician. Lot of time at Guantamo, and many places in the Carribean in the Cold War era. Was in flight crew #1
and flew hundreds of hours in the two years with the squadron.

pete steinmeyer,, 09.03.2013

Hello all,

My father, Jack Steinmeyer, flew in VP-44 as a radio operator in the early 1950s. He passed away in 2010, and I'm trying to find any information about his service. I think he was on the P5M, and he mentioned a deployment to the Med at one time. Did any of you know him, or would you have any crew rosters from this time period that might have him listed? Many thanks, Pete Steinmeyer

Wally Anderson,, 21.02.2013

It was a real pleasure to read the posting by Gerald Smith
and John Pendleton about VP-50. I was also a VP-50 Blue Dragon from 1958-1962. In fact, Gerald Smith I were both
members of crew 9. I still have many pleasant memories of
flying out of Iwakuni, Japan and having over a thousand hours in the P5M.

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