Maule M-5 Lunar Rocket, M-7
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Maule M-5 Lunar Rocket, M-7

In 1968 the company moved to better facilities in Moultrie, Georgia, and began development of an improved M-5 based on the M-4 Strata Rocket. It differed in having a 30% increase in flap area and enlarged tail surfaces to give improved. STOL performance. Two prototypes, flown in 1971, kicked off the Lunar Rocket Line. These were the M-5-210C (marketed as the Strata Rocket) and the Franklin-powered M-5-220C with engines of 210 and 220hp respectively and both entered production early in 1974. Later versions comprised the four-door unnamed M-5-180C powered by a 180hp O-360-C1F, the turbocharged M-5-210TC and the M-5-235C with an Avco Lycoming O-540-J1A5D. This was developed into the M-6-235 Super Rocket with wing span increased 0.71m, larger flaps, higher gross weight and carrying more fuel. The Maule Patroller was a derivative of the latter. Maule Aircraft went into Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1984 and a new company, Maule Air Inc.; was formed to continue production of a new variant, the M-7. The M-7-235 Super Rocket has a bigger cabin with extra windows, plus other refinements, and a tricycle undercarriage version (the MX-7-180 Star Rocket) and a turboprop version (the MX-7-250 Starcraft with an Allison 250 powerplant) are currently under development. The MX-7-180 four-seat Star Rocket is a M-7 with short wings as fitted to the M-5, and the MX-7-235 Star Rocket has a 235hp fuel injection engine. By 1991 production of the Maule family of designs had reached around 1,700 aircraft, including the best selling M-5-235C with sales of 380.

 ENGINE1 x 235hp Avco Lycoming O-540-0 J1A5D flat-six piston engine
    Take-off weight1043 kg2299 lb
    Wingspan9.40 m31 ft 10 in
    Length7.16 m24 ft 6 in
    Height1.89 m6 ft 2 in
    Max. speed277 km/h172 mph
    Ceiling6096 m20000 ft
    Range885 km550 miles

Eduardo Grageda, 02.01.2013

Looking for some one that can give me more info about the Maule M5 210C , I have just bougth one in mexico and would like to know more abaout it, it has a Continentel fuel inyected engine on it IO 360 D33A Thank You

mstfkync, 27.02.2012

the maximum number of aircraft propeller rpm? May I ask, please?

Scott Boyd, 06.03.2011

I flew a couple of Maule's back in the 70's. One with a Continental 210 h.p. engine the other with a 235h.p. Lycoming.

I don't remember any problems with landings, it was pretty docile. I soloed in a 7BCM Aeronca in 1967 in the Denver area, 185's hauling river runners in Utah in the early 70's.

I taught a rich guy how to fly his Maule and another rich guy bought one and hired people to fly it for him. He also bought an Aircoupe, his wife did pretty good, but he gave up pretty quickly.

B Poncel, 05.03.2011

Great airplane if you don't mind trying to land a ball-bearing.

Rodrigo de Almeida Prado, 20.03.2010

Eu tenho um MX7-180 e sou muito feliz com ele. Só acho que ele tem uma área de cauda muito grande, o que faz os pilotos sofrerem quando o vento de través está mais forte. Más isso não apaga o seu brilho, é uma ótima aeronave.

Doug Rodrigues, 13.03.2010

I've towed sailplanes with the M-5. The one most memoriable thing about it was the high noise level. Headsets were mandatory.

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