McDonnell Douglas DC-10
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McDonnell Douglas DC-10

First flight of original DC-10 Series 10, 29 August 1970; certified 29 July 1971; last delivery Spring 1989. A total of 446 DC-10 aircraft was built. The last one was built in 1990.

McDonnell Douglas DC-10

 ENGINE3 x GE CF6-6, 178.1kN
    Take-off weight185970 kg409996 lb
    Wingspan47.3 m155 ft 2 in
    Length55.3 m181 ft 5 in
    Height17.7 m58 ft 1 in
    Wing area329.8 m23549.93 sq ft
    Max. speed925 km/h575 mph
    Cruise speed965 km/h600 mph
    Ceiling9965 m32700 ft
    Range w/max.fuel5900 km3666 miles

McDonnell Douglas DC-10

Barry, 08.01.2014

Bangladesh Birman still operate the DC10-30 to this date, and in fact are the last airline to do so on scheduled passenger routes. These venerable aircraft are due for repalcement later this year and or early next year.

nduduzo, 11.01.2013

I'm fascinatet by aircrafts the dc 10 has its place in my heart I like it

Dale Myers, 26.10.2011

I flew the 10 out hnl for Northwest Loved it.

Mike Miller, 25.06.2011

Flew the KC-10 1985 to 1987 for the USAF Reserves. What a great airplane and a great mission!

Ed Madigan, 05.05.2011

Flew the DC-10 for Western Airlines. Great Flight Management system. Turn off the auto pilot and it was a very stable machine to fly. My favorite airliner to fly.

Richrd Franchi, 05.05.2011

Correction....flew the 10 fron 1976 to 1996...Richard

Richard Franchi, 05.05.2011

Flew the 10 from 1996 to 1995. With it through good and bad. After getting to know her real well.....frm DC-6 to the 10........the 10 made life a lot more fun.

Bryan, 27.02.2011

Sweetest Plane I ever flew, way ahead of It's time

Steve, 19.02.2011

don't forget the P&W powered DC10-40 flown by Northwest and JAL

Russ Adams, 13.12.2010

Don't be scared JD. I did alot of work on this bird, and it was a nice solid airplane. The #2 engine was a little tough in a line operation but in a properly equipped hangar with a good crew everything went fine. Actually it really beats any Airbus for structure simplicity and logic.

JD, 24.04.2010


Bill, 03.02.2010

I agree with Seth! How can you have a cruise speed that is 50 mph higher than max speed? 32,700 seems quite low as I have flown DC-10's up to 42,000.

Seth, 08.10.2008

Yes, I have a comment. Your data is wrong. There are 4 different models of DC-10. The KC-10A Extender is a DC-10-30CF and its unrefueled range is 10,000nm, not 3666. There are other inaccuracies (max weight, ceiling, cruise speed, etc.), but I don't have enough time to correct them.

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