McDonnell Douglas YC-15
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McDonnell Douglas YC-15

Two YC-15 prototypes were built for the Air Force's advanced medium STOL transport (AMST) program. The YC-15s were wide-body aircraft for service on short, undeveloped airfields. The prototypes made their first flights in 1975 and flew for three years before the test program ended.

McDonnell Douglas YC-15A three-view drawing (652 x 1006)

 ENGINE4 x Pratt-Whitney JT-8D-17, 71.1kN
    Take-off weight68000 kg149915 lb
    Wingspan33.6 m110 ft 3 in
    Length37.9 m124 ft 4 in
    Height13.2 m43 ft 4 in
    Wing area161.7 m21740.52 sq ft
    Max. speed805 km/h500 mph
    Range w/max.fuel4800 km2983 miles

Don Beierwaltes, 27.12.2010

I was at Pope AFB NC 75-77 and the YC15 and YC14 were having a competition to replace the C130. The YC14 was superior to the YC15, but the AF wanted the 4 engines and wanted the YC15 regardless of constant flap problems. The program was not funded, for the good!

David Giron, 15.10.2007

Very similar c17

Admin, 19.11.2006

Thank you very much. Corrected

Igor Francois, 19.11.2006

youmight wanna get the units corrected regarding the wing area... it has to be in meters^s ... not meters.

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