McDonnell XF-88
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McDonnell XF-88

The first prototype flew on October 20, 1948. Two built. Followed by F-101 "Voodoo".

McDonnell XF-88

 ENGINE2 x Westinghouse XJ34-WE-13, 1361kg

McDonnell XF-88A three-view drawing (1705 x 1190)

R Ratchen, 15.08.2013

Nothing on the F 101 ? The RF101 held time to climb and Sun Run Coast to coast speed record for a few years The B model equipped with missiles became Canada's first line Defense Fighter for a surprisingly long time.

Klaatu, 08.05.2011

Designed as a long-range "penetration" fighter (bomber escort). Beat out the competing Lockheed F-90, but then the Air Force cancelled their requirement for a fighter of this category before the F-88 could enter production.

deaftom, 05.04.2011

Bob Moore, those pictures aren't hard to find. Do a Web search for "XF-88B".

lucas boaventura, 25.03.2011

vá na wikipédia

Bob Moore, 22.07.2010

Looking for pictures of X-88 with turbo prop engine installed

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