McDonnell XF-88B
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McDonnell XF-88B

Designed for research into supersonic propeller design, the XF-88B flew for the first time on 14 April 1953. Power was provided by two Westinghouse J34 turbojets and a nose-mounted Allison XT38 turboprop engine.

McDonnell XF-88BA three-view drawing (1078 x 364)

Alan Gale, 02.05.2015

George, the aircraft that you saw was probably a Pilatus PC 12. business aircraft. the nose profile is very similar. The XF-88 was purely experimental and never intended for operational service use.

sft, 07.04.2012

Was it supersonic in level flight?

George McJunkins, 05.03.2010

Is this aircraft still in service? I thought I saw one flying over Jeanerette, Louisiana on 03/04/10.

John M. Fitzpatrick, 01.02.2009

I flew the Air Force evaluation of this aircraft in 1953. As far as I know I was the only one to exceed Mach 1 in it.

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