North American F-100 Super Sabre
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North American F-100 Super Sabre

First of the "Century fighters", the prototype F-100 flew on 25 May 1953. The initial production version was the F-100A, a single-seat day fighter powered by a 43.15kN J57-P-7 or P-39 engine. Armament comprised four 20mm M-39E cannon plus external stores on six under-wing hardpoints. The RF-100A was a photo-reconnaissance conversion of the F-100A with a deeper camera-carrying front fuselage.

The F-100C appeared in 1954 as a single-seat fighter bomber with strengthened wings, up to 3,402kg of bombs on eight underwing hardpoints, in-flight refuelling capability and 75.62kN (with afterburning) Pratt & Whitney J57-P-21A turbojet engine. The similar F-100D introduced design refinements, including a taller fin, and could be armed with four Sidewinder or two Bullpup missiles, or 3,402kg of external weapons in addition to its standard four 20mm cannon. The final version built was the F-100F, a lengthened tandem two-seat operational trainer and tactical attack aircraft, armed with two 20mm cannon and capable of carrying 2,722kg of external stores.

North American F-100 Super Sabre

 ENGINE1 x P+W J-57-P-21 turbo-jet, 66.7kN
    Take-off weight12700 kg27999 lb
    Empty weight9500 kg20944 lb
    Wingspan11.6 m38 ft 1 in
    Length14.3 m47 ft 11 in
    Height4.9 m16 ft 1 in
    Wing area35.8 m2385.35 sq ft
    Max. speed1216 km/h756 mph
    Ceiling15250 m50050 ft
    Range920 km572 miles
 ARMAMENT4 x 20mm machine-guns, 2720kg of bombs and missiles

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Stan schroeder, 01.11.2017

I was a jet engine mechanic and worked on the Pratt Whitney J57-21 engine in the F-100 for most of my 8 year time in the AF. I was stationed at Cannon AFB, Bein Hoa Vietnam and my last 4 years at Tinker AFB which was overhaul base for the J57, among other engines. The J57 engine was a fairly easy engine to work and I loved it. I always thought the F100 was a beautiful aircraft. It looked fast just setting on the Tarmac

Thonas, 30.09.2017

Jet mech. crew chief from 1963 through1967 cannon afbn.m. tdy 's Ben how viet nam Misawa japan,Kunsan korea.then permen transfer to Hahn Germany worked flight line pE and post dock. Mostly on f100 D's&F's mid 67 they replaced them at Hahn with the f4,never cared much for that aircraft I preferred the old super sabre.

Chick Contini, 26.07.2017

Like Jerry Zerm, I was stationed at Misawa Japan fom 9/63 to 9/65 and went TDY to Ubon Thailand as a teletype maintenance man. We were bombing the North but saying we were not there. The Aussie were across the runway and had the only pool on the base so I spent time there being the only one assigned and on duty 24/7. Also watched a lot of English movies and spent a load of time in the ACed library. Can't remember the fighter sq. on TDY there. Would love to know who was there in the summer of 1965. Thanks

Bill Tasi, 11.12.2016

Crewed 55-2945 at Tuy Hoa AB Vietnam from July 1969- July 1970. Lt Carroll Johnson was the Pilot. Great plane. Great group of Techs and Pilots. Working for Continental Airlines and now United Airlines in Cleveland . If you were at Tuy Hoa 308 TFS send me an email.

Robert Prescott, 07.05.2016

I was at George AFB 31st fighter wing from 1960 to 1962 our wing was transferred to Homestead AFB in 1962. I was a jet engine mechanic. We were deployed to different bases around the world to support the change over from F-100 to the new F-105's I was sent Kadena AFB Okinawa in 1962. Ralph Graden said really like any communication from anyone there at that time. I remember the "Snake Pit" for beer after work almost every night and the typhoons we went through back then.

Ross Stewart, 21.06.2015

I am the curator of the RAF Wethersfield Museum, hoping some of the 20th TFW will contact me at and check out the RAF Wethersfield Facebook Page and connect with other 20th colleagues and join in with F100 stories and photos.

purpl3 k, 11.04.2015

I was in the Ohio ANG in 62-69.
The Unit had F100C
As an A3C I became a Technician for the 121 TFG. I was trained as a parachute rigger, but picked up additional duties as a Personal Equipment Tech and Fabric, Leather and Rubber Products Repairman.
As a rigger I was responsible for maintaining the drag chute bin which held about 50 drag chutes. In my years there I repacked many thousands
We went TDY to a lot stateside locations, closest was Alpena, where we would build the "darts" used in air to air live fire. We would dip the ammos tips in different colored paint as to readily identify the hits. Went from Alpena, where it was snowing in Oct, to Homestead Fl. Got out of the C47 wearing our parkas and had them laughing
I missed the units tour in Kunsan Korea because of a blood pressure issue but extended my enlistment through the activation-deactivation for the Pueblo Crisis in 69.

I have great memories of my ride in the "F" and the T-33

larry magnano, 17.03.2015

stationed in england with the 79 tfs at woodbridge july 1968 to july 1970 phase inspection good plane easy to work on

Don Koerner, 07.03.2015

Ah,the F-100, I got to crew FW 424 as asst c/c and later FW 373 as chief at Myrtle Beach AFB back in the 60s (60-63) seemed we were always TDY at places like Avaino, Nellas, Hahn, Elemendorf, McCoy, Libia etc. got to see a lot of surrounding countries at the TDY locations. Also got lucky at Nellas to go on a sidewinder mission , It was probally in FW 377 obviously a "F" model I think we had FW 692 as a "F" also. I still have a lot of movie footage taken at Nellas and Myrtle Beach. Did get to see one come in at Myrtle Beach with right main gear in up position, scary for a few moments, pilot walked away, which made it a good landing. Don Koerner

Joseph Drake, 02.02.2015

I was the crew chief of F100-56-3319. I was suprised when I saw the Number on the F-100 on the pedistal at one of the gates at Lakenheath. 56-3319 crashed in the lybian desert in '69. I was there. I wonder if they put my name on it as the crew chief. Other wise its not authinic, plus the IFR probe is missing too.

Oliver Donaldson, 31.08.2014

Looking for Dick Cottle class 56H contact me at

FD Hanson, 02.02.2014

Found a newspaper clipping that my dad had saved. "Newest At North American" From "The Columbus Citizen" newspaper.
The first F-100D Super Sabre off the lines of the North American Aviation plant here is shown in its maiden flight.
Test pilot Fred Hanson was at the controls of the plane that flies itself electronically to a target at supersonic speeds. (The tail # on the photo is 52720)


Spent two tours at Wethersfield, 1956-59 and 1962-66. Was a maintenance mechanic in the hangar when the first F-100 came in in 1957, and when I returned in 1962 was a crew chief on F-100F 56-3898 and F-100D 55-3692. Loved this aircraft and it still has a spot in my heart.

Bob Kusterer, 02.12.2013

Hey Hoover, I flew your bird. I was in the MA ANG when you delivered it. You probably know Pete Kehoe. He was my IP. We converted to the F-106 but none of our Huns went to the bone yard; I ferried many to different ANG squadrons. Glad I had the opportunity to fly the Hun.

Howard wicklund, 31.10.2013

e mail correction on last post. should be

Howard Wicklund, 30.10.2013

Ralph Garden, I was also stationed on at Kadina Okinawa from about 1960 to 1961 18 months,I was in the PM hanger for 100 hour inspection on the F-100 D and F models. I remember the "Snake Pit" for beer after work almost every night. and the typhoons we went through back then.

E. Schulte, 22.10.2013

I crewed an F-100d,Lakenheath from 69-72. I was in the 493rd. I liked the
Aircraft,it was easy to work on.would like to hear from anyone from there at that time.

Carter Endsley, 26.09.2013

I was a jet engine mechanic, assigned to the 48th Tactical Fighter Wing at Chaumont AFB, France and later moved to R.A.F. Lakenheath ,England. This was from 1958 to 1961. We had F-100D aircraft, colorfully painted with candy stripe nose, tail and wing tips. The 492nd squadron was blue, the 493rd was yellow and the 494th was red. We had nuclear bombs and that is why France (Charles DeGaulle) wanted us out of France, so we moved to England.

Mike (Tug) Hogan a1/c, 15.09.2013

I was a crew chief on F100's Spang. Ger. 1959 to 1961. I was with 8th TFS Then to 49th CAM We did call it the Lead Sled & the Silver Dollar loved to work on them. I crewed "652" also was TDY to Wheelus Lybia several times. Lots of good memories

Cliff, 01.09.2013

Bit of trivia... The F100 was the last production fighter in U.S. inventory to cost less than one million dollars per copy.

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