North American F-86D / YF-95 Dog Sabre
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North American F-86D / YF-95 Dog Sabre

The F-95 designation was assigned initially to the radar-equipped, all-weather interceptor version of the North American F-86 Sabre. The first two YF-95A airframes (50-577/ 578) were hastily assembled in 1949 with the nose configuration but not the radar of production aircraft. The two YF-95As also lacked the missile armament and afterburner of the production machine, being equipped instead with an extremely crude external reheat device at the exhaust for the 2460kg thrust General Electric J47-GE-17 turbojet engine. By the time the first of these machines had been completed and made its first flight on 22 December 1949 with company test pilot Joseph Lynch at the controls, it had been redesignated F-86D. Subsequent production machines were the F-86D, F-86K and F-86L.

North American F-86D / YF-95 Dog Sabre

North American F-86D / YF-95 Dog SabreA three-view drawing (1280 x 834)

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harland gibbs,, 27.06.2014

In Erding from June 1952-Oct 1955 (3.5 years). Loved the Area and Munich esp. I was in In 11th Comm Maint Sq. Have a Photo book for year 1952 of the Base Personnel. Anyone around from that time?

Buddy, BuddyBwhJr=Yahoo.Com, 28.05.2014

My first assignment out of basic was the 440FIS at Erding Air Base, Germany. Arrived in July 1959 and departed for 496 FIS in Jan 1960. The Sabre Jet F86D was a cool bird. German Air Force had control of the base but they also had F86 birds and we would borrow parts from each other if we had to get an airplane operational that was AOCP/ Aircraft Out of Commission for Parts. Three minutes flying time from the Czech border. A great place to be stationed. Only one hour from Munich!

art dessenberger, adessen=gte,net, 19.05.2014

I was with the 496th from Calif to France to Landstuhl. Crew chief on FU 940, Great ship, great crew and pilots and great times.

Johnny Carrouth,, 27.12.2013

I was in EFC shop 41st FIS Yokota, Japan in 1955/56. Was EFC Shop Chief when we moved the 41st to Guam. Spent 7 days on Iwo Jima on the refueling/repair team during the transfer to Guam. From Guam went to FMS at McGuire AFB, N.J. Went to Aviation Cadet Program, graduated in 1959 and went to F-86L training at Perrin AFB, GA. Never got to fly the L in an active squadron as the "needs of the Air Force" changed and we all went to SAC myself in B-47's. Later got to fly the F-102 at Perrin and Goose Bay.

Marvin McClain,, 27.12.2013

I worked as an electric technician on the F86D simulator at Tyndall AFB, FL in the 1956 - 1957 timeframe. When the simulator was not in use for its true purpose, training interceptor pilots, I logged many hours "flying" it as part of the required maintenance. I became so good on the simulator, I think I just might have been able to fly the real thing.

Wally Moffett,, 04.11.2013

I was stationed at Chitose Jan. 1955 to Jan1956 and was a RADAR crew chief for that time. There for the cross over of F-86 F to D and building of the 339th Squadron with 86-D's. Left when my father passed away. I haven't attended any of the re-unions and was really sorry this year as it was in my home town Duluth/Superior. If anyone wishes to reach me I live in Boulder Colo., and you have my e-mail. My best to you all, young and old (like me).

Jerry Markland,, 01.11.2013

I was stationed at Chitose AFB, Japan 339th FIS from 1954-1956 and I never served with a greater bunch of men in my entire service tour of duty. I was a crew chief on a F86D. I would like to hear from anyone that was there when I was stationed there. I've attened one of the get togethers they have each year and I had a great time with the old gang. My health has prevented me from attending any other ones but I highly recommend that you go for you will have a great time.

Gene Kershner,, 31.10.2013

Anyone who flew or maintained the F-86 in the 339th Fighter Interceptor Squadron in Chitose, Japan during the mid and late 1950's--There is an association that meets each year to swap tales. Please contact Robert Murphy at 386-364-1454

Doug Potoczak,, 10.09.2013

My father wqas a mechanic for the F86D at Gieger Field in Washington state. Looking for any info about Geiger field in 1951-53 and any manuals on the F86D. Dad died in 1996. Trying to tell his grandchildren about his service.

Gary Janney,, 27.08.2013

Was with the 514FIS Manston England 1957-1958. The 514FIS was re-assigned to Ramstein AB, Germany and I remained until the unit was deactivated in 1961. Was assigned then to the 526FIS until returned to the US. What a great ground of men and women I served with in the 514FIS. Now retired living in Fayetteville, NC.

Gary Janney,, 27.08.2013

Was with the 514FIS Manston England 1957-1958. The 514FIS was re-assigned to Ramstein AB, Germany and I remained until the unit was deactivated in 1961. Was assigned then to the 526FIS until returned to the US. What a great ground of men and women I served with in the 514FIS. Now retired living in Fayetteville, NC.

william (Bill) owens,, 04.06.2013

Crew Chief #044 25th.FIS Okinawa-Tiawan 1957-58 Naha.Hometown Longview,Texas l never got a purple heart,but l did get V.D.once.

william (Bill) owens,, 04.06.2013

Crew Chief-25th FIS F-86d #56044 (044 )Okinawa -Tiawan 1957-58

Vernon Shaw,, 18.05.2013

Served as e-4 fire control tech 1955-1959. 45th FIS Ellsworth AFS 1956-1957 2712 EQRS Tachikawa AB, Japan 1957-1959

Larry Bryant,, 08.05.2013

I was Communications and Nav Tech on The F86D with the 465th and 318th FIS at McCord AFB Wasington

deaftom,, 25.04.2013

My father flew the Sabre Dog in the early to mid-1950s, first out of Marietta near Atlanta, Georgia, then from Sioux City, Iowa before converting to the B-57. Unfortunately, I don't know which squadrons he was with.

Clark,, 26.03.2013

I worked on the F-86D while in the 40th Fighter Intercepter sq. at Yokota AFB, Japan.(1955 - '57) Do you have any info on the organization when it was equipped with this aircraft?

Dave Werner,, 27.02.2013

With the 339th Chitose then 25th Naha 57-58 then Soiux City Ia

petronella (Patti) hattensperg,, 26.02.2013

i am looking for anyone who was stationed at Erding AFB with the 440th FIS in 1959 March thru December.
I am interested in finding anyone who knew a woman by the name Alouisa Hattensperger (Louise) who used to go to a place called the "roxy" Please call me at 412-773-2805 Thank you.

Don Toews,, 21.02.2013

Worked radar shop flight-line & 100 hr. inspection dock with 339th at Chitose during 1957. Winter short fly-days because of snow, but told to relax for long summer hours, then ran low on fuel for summer so had Wednesdays and weekends off for "recreation." Sent to 16th at Naha when Chitose was returned to Japanese Air Defense. Too short in Naha to go with 16th to Taiwan during the uprising there. Finally sent to Moody at Valdosta, Georgia.

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