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Northrop Beta

In 1931 Northrop built the prototype of an all-metal low-wing sporting monoplane, the Beta, a two-seater with a 119kW Menasco Buccaneer inline engine. It was converted later to single-seat configuration and fitted with a 224kW Wright Whirlwind radial engine, in which form it became the first aircraft of such power to exceed 322km/h.

Chuck lees, e-mail, 22.06.2020 02:27

I have a watercolor Painted in 1931of the second beta. It says Stearman Beta on the tail.


Barry, 22.03.2016 14:33

The single seater was known as the Beta 3D and it did in deed exceed 200 mph. Whilst it was a remarkable aeroplane it did not attract any buyers in the poor economic times that were the early 1930's. Even when demonstrated to the military who were still in the land of the biplane it attracted no real interest.


marlin, e-mail, 17.01.2012 02:30

I seem to recall that this archaic craft had a bunch of guy-wires running from near the wing-tips and even goint to the tail assembly. Is my memory playing tricks with me? Also, it seems that I've seen photos of one with TWA emblazoned on the fuselage. Could it have been used for hauling mail?


bob Tufo, e-mail, 11.11.2011 07:59

Another winner from Northrup , I like to imagine flying her.


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