Northrop N-23 Pioneer, N-32, C-125 Raider
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Northrop N-23 Pioneer, N-32, C-125 Raider

The Northrop Pioneer was built as a 40-passenger commercial transport aircraft, powered by three 596kW R-957 Cyclone engines. From it was developed the C-125 Raider for the USAF, 23 of which were built with 894kW Wright R-1820-99 engines: 13 as C-125A assault transports and ten as C-125B Arctic rescue aircraft.

Northrop N-23 Pioneer, N-32, C-125 Raider

george t. gross, 11.03.2016

I believe these airplanes were parked along the north side of miami international in the 1950's or early 1960's

Don Crane, 21.09.2015

I was attending the A & E mechanics school at Shepard in late 1962. These aircraft were part of the Inspection branch curriculum. One of the unique features was the leading edge of the wing which folded out to provide a platform for ground crews to perform engine maintenances and inspections.

Klaatu83, 26.04.2013

The upper photo shows the original commercial prototype, the lower photo shows the production version for the U.S. Air Force, which had a ramp in the rear fuselage. Note the different shape to the rear fuselage, the more forward position of the tail-wheel and the high-set horizontal surfaces on the tail of the latter. Northrop intended this airplane to serve as specialized bush airliner, a STOL passenger and cargo aircraft for operation from unimproved airfields in remote areas such as Alaska and Northern Canada.

KvM, 02.02.2012

I saw 3 of these in 1963 in Caranavi, Bolivia. By Apr 1965 only one was left. They were owned by South American Placer (Mines) and flew in and out of Teoponte, Bolivia. I flew in their last one at that time and have slides.

Bob, 03.11.2011

Saw a nice example at the Pima Air Museum near Tucson. First flight in 1949. About 30 exambles Introduced in to service in 1950 and phased out in 1955

Steve, 14.03.2011

I have some pictures of this type aircraft that were taken in the '70s at Angleton, Texas as well as at Hitchcock, Texas. The plane was to be transferred to the Confederate Air Force in Arlington but crashed.

George Emery, 28.11.2010

Re: Ted Fletcher's comment
I was also at Sheppard from 1951-1953 teaching at the A&E school. The YC-125B's were schiik aircraft and I taught classes inside them including engine run-up. They had Curtis electric propellers, a different model from the ones used on the B-36 and which gave both of them the characteristic drone of propellers in ecact sync rather than the the slight variation of the Hamilton hydraulic.
The YC-125 had it's problems but it was very innovative.

Columbusjack, 25.11.2010

Clive Beilby,, 15.06.2009
Does the Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer owe anything to this design ?

No - if anything, the other way round. Twin Pioneer 1955, Northrop Pioneer 1959

Ted Fletcher, 25.10.2010

The USAF was using the YC-125 for mechanic training when I was in their A&P school, Sheppard AFB, Wichita Falls, TX. The summer of 1953.

Doug Rodrigues, 13.03.2010

Correction: Wichita Falls, Tx., air terminal.

Doug Rodrigues, 13.03.2010

I remember seeing about 10 of these parked outside the Wichita Air Terminal in 1962. We got inside one of them to check it out. Really in interesing airplane, but I recall reading something about weight and balance problems? Last I heard, the planes were sold to some outfit in South Americaa. I wonder who got to ferry the planes?

Clive Beilby, 15.06.2009

Does the Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer owe anything to this design ?

John D. Bybee, 22.09.2008

Is this a/c the same "Pioneer" prototype that Jack Frye had Northrop construct in the mid 1950s? Or are we talking the four-engined "Safari"?

3VI, 13.11.2007

It seems a little bit anachronistic in its post-war paint.

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