Rawdon T-1
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Rawdon T-1

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Kurt Hayes, 12.04.2017

Marcus Becker,

Are you still interested in selling your Rawdon? If so please email me at reach767@gmail.com or call 954-609-8727.

Kurt Hayes, 01.03.2016

I have had the privilege of flying 3 of these fine birds. All belonging to Aerial Sign Co down in Hollywood Fl. From what I understand 1 of them crashed and burned a few year back. What a great airplane. I have flown N6810D and I forget the other two tail numbers. 2 of them were old crop dusters set up to tow and sky write and the other was a two place. I am hoping within the next few days I will be the proud owner of SN2 that is currently in boxes. Looking forward to restoring this fine bird

darrell Kirkendall, 17.01.2015

In 1945, at age 16, I learned to fly at Rawdon Brothers. My instructor was Jim Greer. I clearly remember a T-1 pulling up along side our J-3 Cub and the Cub and the T-1 did several loops together before the T-1 remained inverted and we pulled away. I was thrilled, of course! One of the Rawdon brothers was flying the T-1. The two Rawdon brothers were true gentlemen. My father had known "Dutch" earlier.

gustavo Iglina, 14.05.2013

hola,acabo de adquirir un Rawdon T-1 SD que mi padre restauro hace 35 aņos, nuevamente esta accidentado,estoy en busca de los planos y manuales, si alguien sabe donde se pueden comprar le voy a estar muy agradecido,. Gustavo Iglina ,Buenos Aires Argentina. GRACIAS!!

Marcus Becker, 01.05.2013

Hello, I have rawdon n6808d that was my fathers. It is a project but has had alot of work done to it. My dad has passed away and we will probably be selling it. If anyone has an interest please let me know. Thank you, Marcus Becker.

Jim Price, 28.12.2012

In the late 50s I helped a sprayer in Junction City Ks
load his Rawdon for spray duty. That aircraft is still
active and owned by I believe the third owner out of
Junction City, 3JC. I would like to buy it but it appears
not to be for sale.

Warren Laible, 26.06.2012

My Dad, John (Wally) Laible used to build the T-1 as a part time evening and weekend job during the late 50's, early 60's at the Rawdon airport in Wichita, Kansas. I had seen Herb many times working in his office.

Phil Chastain, 25.08.2011

My father, Jack Chastain, was indeed test pilot and demo pilot for Rawdon Bros. Act. He was not killed in Panama as suggested in the comments above, but died in 1978 shortly afrer we completed the restoration of T-1 S/N6, N5160. N5160 is still in my family, currently flying. The T-1 has been a great fun flying airplane, receiving many awards at fly-ins in the central stares, including Reserve Grand Champion twice at Oshkosh

Kim S. Fuller, 24.07.2011

In 1979 I flew N6810D twice when it was at Oak Grove Airport. Pappy Spinks caught me the second time and that was it. I remember it was LOUD.

Jose Adrian Panameņo, 10.05.2011

In 1961-62 I had the opportunity to fly the Rawdon T-1 as a crop duster over cotton fields of San Miguel, El Salvador, Central America. It was a big pleasure flying this wonderfull airplane.

dusty, 01.04.2011

The only T-1 I ever saw was in the Rawdon hanger in Wichita. I believe in 1952 or 53. Khorton refer to the
test pilot Janck Chastain. I believe he was later killed
in Panama when an airliner landed on him as he was taking off in a 310.

M B Wasik, 15.03.2011

I am the proud owner of N2709D, serial # T-1-29S. It is stored in a barn at this time with hopes of restoring it in the near future. Location North Central Florida

Michael Kilgore, 24.12.2010

Jack Taylor, of SRQ/Sarasota, FL had a polished Shinn in the mid-60s. I only lucky enough to fly it once, while working at J&J Aircraft in Sarasota, but loved it's tri-gear and very responsive rod controls. One finger on the little ball on the top of the stick was all it took. It was, however very hot with at clear cnopy in the Florida sun. Where can we get more info on the Shinn?

khorton7524@sbcglobal.net, 17.11.2010

Rawdons were built in Wichita, Ks. Gene Rawdon ran a small airport across the street from Beechcraft (His brother Herb designed the Beech Model 18).

They had a pilot, Jack Chastain who did aerobatics in the T-1. putting on quite a show.

Carl Felty, 31.01.2010

In the 1960's, there was a Rawdon in Buckeye, Arizona. It belonged to a crop dusting service, (Paul Pierce, I think)and had been converted to a sprayer. I would have loved to have that airplane. It is the only one that I have ever seen. I lived in Gila Bend at the time and used to fly into the airport at Buckeye quite often. It looks like a Shinn or Varga with the third wheel on the proper end.

B Bailey, 26.10.2009

Yes, if you flew N6810D, it is still operating in FL, as a banner tow aircraft. I got my tail wheel check ride in the aircraft. I too remember that it was a good flying aircraft, it felt very stable, but it did what you wanted it to.

chuck maire, 19.05.2008

I had the pleasure of towing banners on the Jersey Shore in the early 70's with a 180 hp version of a Rawdon T1. There were only a handful produced and very few flying at that time. It was a fantastic performer and my boss had a hopper in the rear seat and filled it with oil for skywritting. The fuselage skin could be removed with zuess(sp?) fasteners. It had ball bearing controls that were very smooth and reponsive. It is a very nice machine and I think the one I flew still operates in South Florida.

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