Republic P-43 Lancer
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Republic P-43 Lancer

The Lancer was a single-seat interceptor fighter that first appeared in service evaluation YP-43 form in 1940. With a Pratt & Whitney R-1830 Twin Wasp radial engine and bulky fuselage, it was clearly a product of the Republic Aviation Corporation. Production for the USAAF (also supplied to the RAAF with reconnaissance equipment fitted) and China totalled 272 aircraft in three versions.

Republic P-43 Lancer

 ENGINE1 x Pratt-Whitney R-1830-47, 1167kW
    Take-off weight3600 kg7937 lb
    Empty weight2565 kg5655 lb
    Wingspan10.97 m36 ft 0 in
    Length8.69 m29 ft 6 in
    Height4.27 m14 ft 0 in
    Wing area20.72 m2223.03 sq ft
    Max. speed562 km/h349 mph
    Ceiling11580 m38000 ft
    Range1287 km800 miles
 ARMAMENT2 x 12.7mm machine-guns, 2 x 7.62mm machine-guns

Republic P-43 LancerA three-view drawing (1719 x 1227)

Hans Porter, 10.08.2014

Hi everyone, i am actually an aficionado anything P35, 43 and 47. Does anyone know of P43 scale drawings or rc plans of this fighter? Many thanks and best regards from Australia

John Henry, 26.12.2012

How many P-43s arew in existence today?

Klaatu, 09.07.2011

The P-43's shortcomings were a result of the fact that it had been designed without the benefit of a knowledge of WW-II combat experience. Although it wasn't exactly bad, it's creators were already aware that their next project, the P-47, would be much better, which it was. The writer was quite correct who observed that the Army Air Corps ordered the P-43 simply to keep Republic's production line open until the plane they really wanted, P-47, was ready.

Aurum, 24.05.2011

P-43 was the closest analog of Ki-44 fighter.

Jackie, 11.04.2011

Yeah, the P-43 is definitely better than the Tomahawk. Whats wrong with thin armor or leaky fuel tanks? The P-43 can climb higher than the P-40 and its more powerful. Chennault really does not know how to choose airplanes....

Ron, 20.03.2011

OK, so the blower was unreliable at this stage. Better than hitting a brick wall at 15,000' with the Allison powered P-39/P-40.
Other snags like leaking fuel and oil or unreliable guns, are secondary and could be ironed out in development.
The resulting Lancer would be a light weight early version of the T-bolt to compete with the Wildcat, low level P-40 ...etc - when sorely needed.

Ron, 10.03.2011

Do you buy that answer?
A little armor and Voila! P-43 beats the P-40 and takes the high 'ground' easily.
Check out the ceiling.

Ron, 08.03.2011

Direct predecessor of the famous P-47, this fighter was the next generation of the Kartvelli P-35 for Republic Aviation Corp.
In Italy the Re 2000 Falco was also from the P-35, eventually becoming the Re 2005 Sentario.
What a difference from the P-47! One is a prolific fighter-bomber par excellence, the other a custom Italian exotic air superior fighter second to none in 1943.
The same family roots! Opposite sides of the war.

john e boeing, 08.09.2010

I waa a air force pilot , 43A, Blytheville, Ark, had advanced there and instructed for one year, befor being assigned to 1st Arctic Search and Rescure at Ladd Fields, Fairbanks Alaska... We we were testing aircraft fro the Russian lend=lease program, P-39, P-63, A-20 B-25, C-47, AT-6.
We has an old P-43 on the base that I took the liberty of flying a few times a week. Had to pump up the brakes on final to stop the plane. Otherwise, it was fun to fly. Anyone else out there who might have been in Alaska 1944 1945.?
Send me an email// thNX

Jackie, 08.08.2010

The pilots of the Flying Tigers commended the P-43 for its good high altitude performance compared to their P-40 Warhawks,good roll rate and a radial engine without the vulnerable liquid cooling system. Several pilots asked Chennault to keep some P-43s but the request was denied due to the aircraft's lack of armor or self sealing fuel tanks.

leo rudnicki, 16.04.2009

Never intended for operational deployment, the Lancer just kept the production lines open until the Jug was ready to run. The aircraft had a cameo role in the Flying Tigers movie "God is my Co-Pilot" to enable the missionary, Alan Hale, to give a morality sermon to Col. R.L. Scott. The P-40's obviously didn't have a back seat.

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