Scaled Composites Proteus
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Scaled Composites Proteus

Twin turbofan high altitude multi mission high altitude aircraft capable of autonomous flight or flying with two pilots and one scientist. The first prototype flew on July 26, 1998.

Scaled Composites Proteus

 ENGINE2 x Williams FJ44-2E turbofan
    Take-off weight6700 kg14771 lb
    Payload900kg1984 lb
    Wingspan16.7/23.7 m55 ft 9 in / 78 ft 9 in
    Length17.16 m56 ft 4 in
    Ceiling18000 m59050 ft

Richard Jones, 29.08.2012

When I worked for Sandia Laboratory we used this plane for global warming studies and it flew in Kauaii, Alaska and Australia. I have some really nice aerial shots of it.

You don't need to know, 01.11.2011

Cool. It's a Tandem Wing Aircraft. I write books (I'm hoping to get one published), and based a make-believe aircraft off of this. Thanks.


oliver yau, 29.12.2009

how long will it be in service? if you know please tell me. thank you

ranap, 19.08.2009

hi, Japanese garage kit maker released Halo Proteus and more Rutan plane.

Chuck Anderson, 21.11.2006

Are there any three-views and/or scale models of the Proteus, and if so, where can I obtain them? Thank you.

Chuck Anderson

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