Ryan Navion (North American NA 145)
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Ryan Navion (North American NA 145)

This aircraft originates in the North American NA145 design, created to replace cancelled military contracts at the end of World War II and satisfy the boom in postwar private flying. The NA145 low-wing light aircraft was also procured by the US military as the L-17 observer, rights were passed to Ryan in 1948. Ryan designated the standard type as Navion 205 and developed the uprated Super Navion 260 and Model H. More than 1000 of all Ryan marques were produced until the early 1950s. In 1960 the Navion Aircraft Company was formed, and it updated this design again, producing a five-seat version named the Rangemaster until 1976.

 MODELSuper 260 Navion
 ENGINE1 x 260hp Lycoming GO435C2 flat-six piston engine
    Take-off weight1293 kg2851 lb
    Wingspan10.19 m33 ft 5 in
    Length8.38 m28 ft 6 in
    Height2.54 m8 ft 4 in
    Max. speed280 km/h174 mph
    Ceiling6553 m21500 ft
    Range2560 km1591 miles

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a.h. fick, 30.01.2016

I'm part of a group restoring a Navion from an F model to a B model with Army Korean War livery. I would like pictures of the aircraft to aid in restoration commorating the Army's roll in the war. Could anyone direct me to a website for such pictures?

Bill Davis, 22.01.2015

unfortunately N91416 met it's demise during Hurricane Ivan here in Pensacola. The aircraft took a horrible beating during the storm and was left for scrap in the woods. She was donated to a technical school and will soon be used to teach new aircraft mechanics how to repair and inspect aircraft to get the A&P license. Sad to see her with tree's grown up around her, wings beaten up and the canopy broken but she still will serve us well. RIP old girl.

Hal Taylor, 29.04.2014

My Uncle Loren Moody of Jacksonville,Il,an Allis-Chalmers dealer and a early member of the Flying Farmers of America had a Ryan Super Navion.He and his son Kaywyn, my cousin, were reputed to have been the first civilian single engine
land plane to fly over the Arctic Circle in the Navion.In 1946 he and my Aunt Pauline Taylor Moody,flew their first plane a Taylorcraft, from Jacksonville to Zahn's Airport on Long Island.While vising us they took me and my sister,Marge up for our first flight.Boy was that fun!
Harold "Hal" Taylor-Massapequa,NY.I'm now 83 yrs. old.

Jorge, 03.11.2013

Hello everyone, I'm doing a proyect at my university of this aircraft and its about almost everything of the aerodynamics of this plane, but I can't find some data, such as de SFC (Specific fuel consumption) in kg/hr... also, i'm looking for the max capacity of fuel of this aircraft, if anyone has this info i'd be really greatful, thank you very much.

Kim Lee, 02.10.2013

I fly N4858K 1949 A model with the E-185. It climbs good for just having 205 HP.Its built like a big aircraft with hydraulic landing gear hydraulic flaps engine dive hydraulic pump it's big long steel landing gears. When they built it, if a 10/32 bolt would do the job, they installed a 1/4-28 bolt. I have landed on some grass strips that would knock gear off most other aircraft. Yes it does like fuel for no faster than it is, my will do 148 MPH at 12gal/hr. 21.50 RPM 23 MP at 3000 feet. My is painted in stars and bars and it does turn heads when I pull up to the pump,the young pilots walk up and ask what kind of aircrft is this.

Nathan Willis, 11.10.2012

We just bought N4156K and E185 She is here in JAX FL getting a complete ground up restoration. We are looking for a solid airframe if there is one available PLEASE MESSAGE ME QUICKLY.. Also we will pickup any parts any were in the US for this aircraft. She is in a Million tore down Pieces..

Matt Langenbach, 17.10.2011

I owned N5210k. There is absolutely no record of it crashing in Mexico (D.R. Zaccone). I upgraded it to with the Continental IO 550R engine and COMPLETELY restored the interior, and the avionics suite was spectacular. I also had a (loosely) Tuskegee Airmen paint job. paint I sold it in December 2010.

alain borel, 03.07.2011

I owned n4472k a 1948 navion for the last 3 yrs.plane was completely redone a few yrs. ago inside and out added a IO-550b w/jpi engine analyzer what can I say,I love the plane.

Bob Bartlett, 21.05.2011

I worked at Mt Hawley Airport in Peoria for a short time in 1975. They were one of the last Navion specific repair facilities and I got to ferry quite of few Navions back and forth for Annuals, etc. Very sweet flying machine.

a.machiaverna, 09.04.2011

A family freind had a Navion back in the late 1960's. I remember having a lot of fun flying it with my father, brother and uncle. Nice airplane and many good memories.

Bill McClinton, 04.04.2011

I worked in an Avionics business for many yrs. A friend & long time customer, Dan Brodie (SF) was always a staunch Navion supporter. I recall that he acquired the rights/ownership to the Navion factory in late 70's.

Ken Kaiser, 17.12.2010

Back in the 60s I owned 5377K a 1951 model 260B . Had serveral cessnas since then but the Navion was the best .wish I still had her

Brian Baker, 07.11.2010

Has anyone noticed that neither TUSCO, the purchaser of the Navion Line, nor the aircraft they produced, the D, E F, G (RangeMaster G), H (Rangemaster H) appear on this web site? It's odd because I have flown many different aircraft and the Rangemasters G and H are among the absolute best looking, safest and best flying general aviation aircraft ever produced. Low stall, fast cruise, super smooth, short field, fast climb, huge useful load and the ability to carry enough fuel to fly 1800 NM. Can someone post up these aircraft to this site?

Tim Sanzenbacher, 05.11.2010

Does anyone know where N4457K is today? 57K was one of the first planes I learned to fly as a young 18 yr. old. As stated, it was just great to fly. Thanks

nuneskim@gmail.com, 26.10.2010

I now own a 1948 Ryan Navion A. I saved it at a horrible auction that was had after my dad passed away. Anyways I am looking for a wonderful home for it. If you know of anyone interested please tell them. I have all the information, log books, engine log books, ect. The more I find out about it and the more I sit in it, the more I really do love it more and more. Its tied down at the moment at our local airport in northern california. Dads hanger got sold out from under his plane and helicopter so the clock is ticking. It needs some work, but Im sure the right personal would be flabergaster to find such a score to partially restore at the price. I love it too. Thanks Kim Nunes

D.R. Zaccone, 01.10.2010

I owned N5210K. As seen in notes above, the biggest mistake was ever selling it.
Sold to a Doctor in Mexico who crashed it in the mountains due to the failure of the gear to extend and the inability of the doc to do a free fall. This was demonstrated twice during check ride with him. Happily, he survived the incident. After all, he was flying a NAVION.
My friend Ced Kotowicz purchased Navion Aircraft Corp. in Seguin Tx. and moved the facility to Warton Tx. What a ride as I almost joined him in this endeavor. This in memory of my flying buddy Ced.

Cheryl Herfurth, 26.09.2010

My dad bought the Super B N5151K that Ken Lehr mentions above about twenty years ago, and my parents have enjoyed it ever since. Dad's finally ready to part with it. If you're interested, check out the ad on navionpilots.org.

Bud Fales, 24.09.2010

I owned N-4026K----E185
Myself and family(4 kids and wife flew her all over the United States---what a joy
I never should have sold her

Mike Stoddard, 31.07.2010

I own N4230K, a Ryan built 205 Navion A. A great airplane with no bad habits. Health problems make me sell it. Any buyers out there? 973-377-8955

A J Curly Dibble, 24.05.2010

My late dad had a navion 260B reg. as N5256K as I remember it. I flew it a little with him as a kid. He also had a Camair 480 in the late 50's. The Camair crashed somewhere in South America after it was sold. I don't know what happened to the Model B. The Camair with the twin 240's would really climb out. Haven't thought about them in years. Another Navion 205 was flown into the ground in Greene NY; tail was N4Y flown by Gus Sweet. A 1948 185 A model crashed in a storm in the 1950's that was flown by Bill Gregory, MD. Lost his wife and himself. Flew somewhere around 140hrs in the Navion and Camair more than 50 yrs ago. Remember both of them as great birds. Have seen a couple of the converted Riley twin navions. They weren't a very good example of a twin. I don't think any of these birds mentioned were originally Ryans. I think they were all NA built but I'm no expert.

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