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Ryan STA-Special

In the mid 'thirties, Ryan offered a single-seat armed version of its tandem two-seat STM primary trainer, which, in turn, had been derived from the S-T initially flown on 8 June 1934. Dubbed STA-Special, the single-seater was powered by a 150hp Menasco C4S air-cooled engine, and a second batch of six ordered in December 1938 for the Guatemalan Cuerpo de Aviacion Militar were each fitted with two 7.7mm wing-mounted guns and referred to as light fighters.

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Shawn Kelly, 13.09.2016

I am helping a friend sell his museum quality ST M. If you are interested contact me at shawnk62@mac.com

Marie Kavanaugh, 01.05.2016

I know of a Ryan ST-A Special that is almost fully assembled with 3 Menasco engines in crates at least 1 which is a zero time engine. I'm not sure if engines are the turbo charged ones. This aircraft has all new flying wires and no paint. Wing recovered and have been stored in a hanger for over 20 years. Airplane located in SC.

Peter Holloway, 27.01.2016

Hello from England.
I own the gorgeous STA NC18923, no.322, now resident in The Shuttleworth Collection, UK.
I would like to get in contact with Fred Barber, Stone Mt. Georgia, clearly a fellow enthusiast!
All help appreciated.
Best wishes from Across the Pond.
Peter Holloway
+44 7717 804085

Dave Masters, 16.01.2016

I have had a PT-20 for over 50 years and it has been in flying condition since around 1968. For those who don't know about the PT-20: In 1939 Ryan modified 30 of the STAs for the military, making the cockpit openings larger(like the STM,)and designated them PT-20s. All but one or two were re-engined to the 125 Kinner and re-designated PT-20A. When I bought this Ryan, it was a PT-20A and I converted it back to a PT-20 with a Menasco engine. For the past 15+ years, it has been based at the Sonoma Valley Airport (sonomavalleyairport.com) and very soon will be moved to the Wings of History museum which is close to Morgan Hill, CA.

Jaime Colvin, 14.04.2015

This is a plane I would be open to consider purchasing , if someone knows where I could find someone that is interested in selling his Ryan STA Special, please let me get aware of it .

Selig Solomon, 21.04.2014

I am building a 1/4 scale Ryan STA. My plans are a bit ambiguous on the tail section and I would like some close up photos of the tail section, wheel, etc. in some detail. Any help would be appreciated.

ed Benguiat, 07.08.2013

After flying since 1944 it looks like I'll never own a Ryan ST of any model.OK I give l'll never have the opportunity to polish it or even sit in the cockpit with my old tired body.
no more toughts of the RYAN in my "Bucket List". I give up andI thank everyone.

D.C.Wimpfheimer, 12.02.2013

I am looking at a 1939-1940 photo of my dad standing next to a ryan pt 22 recruit .I think just after his flight .Pre.ww2 He later went on to fly B25s during the war.I can see from the cowling to the end of the number past the rear seat i think it is an 8 or a 9. he is waring a parachute and helmet.

Ed Benguiat, 06.08.2012

I m still looking for an good STM and gotta have one before I die. I've been wanting to purchase one for the last 50 years. I know they're expensive.
Got the money and ready to roll. Thank you all

ed benguiat, 16.01.2012

O.K. Fred Barber , Do you want to sell any one of your RYAN planes

ed Benguiat, 16.01.2012

I'm looking for a Ryan. Any 'S" model will do Please contact me.
Thank you.

Ephram Benguiat, 14.10.2011

I'm still looking to purchase an STA or STM or PT20 (No pt22"s) ASAP
I am prepared to pay a good finders fee for information leading to purchase. ASAP. please. P. S. I would consider foreign purchase as well
Thank you all.
Prof. Ed Benguiat 201 288 4775 USAI

Dick Wynn, 27.05.2011

I would like to find out if a Ryan owned by Dick Wynn (my father) still exists.Information is scarce as he passed away many years ago and any doccuments, photo's etc. were probably disposed of when he re-married back in the early Fourties.
What I know for fact.
He had it in college and he graduated from Lafayette in 1936. Going by a professionally done sketch with inscription,it was a Ryan STAS and he flew out of Wings Field in Pennsylvania. When I was very young, he told me that he had to sell it to the governmant because they needed it as a trainer and that would have been around 1940. Another part of the puzzle is that my mother had a plane at the same time and it too was probably kept at Wings Field. I don't have a clue as to what it was, when she got it or what her name was at the time but my hunch is that it too was a Ryan. Her nick name was Bootsie, her maiden name was Thomas,her first married name was Wynn and her second marriage was to Doug Mason who also was a pilot from the area.
Any assistance would surely be appreciated.
Dick Wynn

aaron berkowitz, 11.05.2011

I owned a pt22 and an 1937 STA. thesweepback on the pt22 was to make it more difficult to handle. The STA did not have a sweepback. After the fire at San Diego's museum they contacted me in Phoenix and I sold it to Mr. Ryan who signed my log book and it is in the Museum there today.

ed Benguiat, 22.03.2011

I am presently looking to purchase a restored STA or STM.
I know a good specimen has it's price
I reside in the USA. Thank you all.
Prof. Ed Benguiat

Kevin Dahlhausen, 09.03.2011

Thanks for the comments everyone, I enjoyed reading them. I am starting a RC stand-off scale PT-21.

r bello, 31.12.2010

am restoring an sta, need any info, manuals, pictures, anything. it's in great condition but i did not disassemble it. any help would be GREATLY appreciated. the wings are covered, fuselage polished, just needs final assembly. which is doable with the photos i have, but a manual or any such help would help. will pay.

daniel mairani, 13.10.2010

I owned a PT-20 for 12 yrs. N14184. Menasco 4 with a beautiful fahlin prop. Sold it to a guy and it's now in Hollister ca..Great plane..I miss it.

David Harwell, 14.09.2010

My brother Doug did have N17532 and we here at Barnstormers restored it. I was the luckly one in the family because after assembly etc, I got to fly it. It was a wonderful flying,and beautiful bird.

maury, 13.09.2010

I flew the military version of STA (YPT-16) in 1939, with the in-line Menasco engine. A beautiful airplane, and excellent aerobatic capabilities. When Ryan went to the Kinner engine the CG moved aft, necessitating the addition of sweep to the wings of the PT-21 and -22. There was also a PT-20 version of this airplane, incorporating some changes required when the Dutch ordered a bunch of them. The most notible feature was the removal of an internal stringer between the two cockpits and placing it on the outside of the fuselage.

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