Seversky NF-1 (XFN-1)
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Seversky NF-1 (XFN-1)

As a contender in the 1937 US Navy shipboard single-seat fighter competition, the Seversky-designated NF-1 (Naval Fighter No 1) was derived from the basic P-35 design and flown for the first time in June 1937. Powered by a Wright R-1820-22 Cyclone nine-cylinder radial rated at 950hp for take-off and having provision for one 7.62mm and one 12.7mm gun in the forward fuselage, the NF-1 was delivered to Anacostia NAS for evaluation under the US Navy designation XFN-1 on 24 September 1937. This designation was actually applied for "book-keeping purposes", no Navy contract being issued. The NF-1 had initially flown with a vertical windscreen similar to that first fitted to the AP-1, but this had been replaced by a more conventional windscreen prior to delivery to Anacostia, and at an early phase in the evaluation the fairings attached to the main oleo legs, which fully enclosed the undercarriage when retracted, were removed. By consensus, the XFN-1 lacked the low-speed handling characteristics demanded for shipboard operation and the fighter was rejected by the Navy, further development being discontinued.

Seversky NF-1 (XFN-1)

    Take-off weight2373 kg5232 lb
    Empty weight1823 kg4019 lb
    Wingspan10.97 m36 ft 0 in
    Length7.44 m24 ft 5 in
    Height2.77 m9 ft 1 in
    Wing area20.44 m2220.01 sq ft
    Max. speed430 km/h267 mph
    Range1570 km976 miles

Klaatu83, 03.03.2013

This was essentially a P-35 with a tail hook and a Wright "Cyclone" engine in place of the P&W Hornet (note the shorter, blunter shape to the engine cowling). Unfortunately, in 1937 the Navy still lacked sufficient confidence in carrier-based monoplanes. In addition, the NF-1 lacked folding wings.

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