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Thomas-Morse TM-22

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Barry, 13.07.2016 13:44

Also known as the R-5 the TM-22 was based on the unsuccessful MB-9 fighter and MB-10 trainer. First flying 29th September 1922 two models were produced for the army to enter the Pulitzer Trophy Race held on 14th October. The planes suffered both cooling and handling problems and finished in the last two positions in the race at tenth and eleventh. They were taken to Selfridge Field where they were statically tested to destruction.

Power plant 1 x 600 h.p Packard 1A-2025 V12 liquid cooled

Span 29'0" Length 19'10" Height 8'6" Wing area 174 sq ft
Gross weight 2,850 lb

Max speed 188 mph


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