Transland Ag-2


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Transland Ag-2

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johnny j, e-mail, 21.09.2016 22:54

I flagged for one of these in southwest Louisiana when I was a kid. my Dad was a rice farmer southeast of
Lake Charles, LA and Mr. Bill Rose, then owner of Louisiana Flyers, Inc. who ran a Stearman fleet was demoing the thing.

This was in the late 1950's.


Barry, 30.03.2016 15:56

Yes Riley you probably did see the only Transland Ag-2 still extent. First flown on 11th October 1956 this aircraft was the first and was joined by two others,one in June 1958 and one in 1959. Owing to the vast amount of surplus aircraft after the war like Stearmans and Harvards selling at a price of @ $5,000 no one was going to pay $25,000 for a new craft no matter how good it may be. N8330H (the New Zealand plane) was sold in 1962 to an operator in Uruguay and after some 224 hours of spraying sugar it was placed in storage for 28 years.On the 31st December 1963 it was purchased by an operator at Trete Y Tres who put another 290 hours on the clock before parking it up in 1993. In April 2003 the plane arrived in New Zealand.
Power plant Pratt & Whitney 450 h.p. R-985
Span 42'0" Length 28'5" Height 9'8" Wing area 321.6 sq ft
Empty weight 3,468 lb Gross weight 7,700 lb


Riley Payne, e-mail, 06.02.2012 01:14

Saw this aircraft in New Zealand last week.


Marshall, e-mail, 13.03.2009 18:10

Did this aircraft evolve from the same corporation that produced transland spreaders for ag applications? If so what other aircraft has this company possibly produced? Please let me know.


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