Tunison Scout


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Tunison Scout

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 ENGINE1 x 180hp Hispano
  Max. speed306 km/h190 mph

S Tallin, 03.06.2020 19:31

Look like good Russian plane


Barry, 30.03.2016 16:24

A "one off" designed by M.C.Tunison first flying in 1929. It was made using moulded plywood, even the wheels were moulded plywood, everything in fact excluding engine mountings and fittings. There was no spar the entire wing consisting of thicker and thicker plywood. The wing was some 2 feet thick at the juncture with the fuselage. The occupants of the cockpit were in fact sitting on the wing. It never received a Type Certificate from the Department of Commerce so that was that.

Specification (approx) Span 36'0" Length 36'0" Wing cord at root 12'0" at tip 5'6"


Karl, e-mail, 18.03.2013 20:06

"M.M. Tunnison of Fullerton used the Martin airport for some speed runs in his Scout Jt. piloted by Jimmy Angel. The craft broke the world's speed record for commercial planes, clocking 190 mile per hour."
"FROM JENNIES TO JETS" The Aviation History of Orange County by Vi Smith. 1974


Terrence I. Murphy, e-mail, 22.02.2012 01:46

It has to be right up there for the title of "Ugliest plane ever made."


Irvin L. Smith, e-mail, 28.08.2009 22:53

1935-48 History, It was unloaded at 10th and I Street in San Barndaino off a rail car from the Los Angles area. It was taken in pieces to Shannon Hill Airport and assembled. It was flown one time. The pilot flew it one time around the field and landed at the far end of the field. The engine quit and it went nose up. The pilot got out and said, "Never again!" After the airport was turned into a bomb plant at the start of WWII the plane was moved the Orange Show Grounds in San Barnardiano where it stayed until 1948. I lost track of it after that.


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