Vultee V-11 / XA-19
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Vultee V-11 / XA-19

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    Take-off weight4669 kg10293 lb
    Wingspan15.24 m50 ft 0 in
    Length11.66 m38 ft 3 in
    Height3.05 m10 ft 0 in
    Max. speed374 km/h232 mph
    Cruise speed338 km/h210 mph
    Ceiling6248 m20500 ft
    Range w/max.fuel2170 km1348 miles

Klaatu83, 06.09.2011

This was an attack-bomber development of the V-1 airliner. Normally, it had a radial engine and a tail fin similar to the V-1. The one in the photo is the XA-19A version, with an experimental 1200hp Lycoming inline engine and extended tail fin.

Although many of these V-11 aircraft were exported, the Army Air Corps rejected it after a few were service-tested briefly. It is probably just as well that they did, because this would probably have turned out to be the U.S. equivalent of the RAF's Fairey Battle. The Army Air Corps decided that they preferred larger, twin-engine, aircraft for this particular combat role, such as the Douglas A-20 Havoc.

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