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Ikarus IK-2

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Ikarus IK-2A three-view drawing (1276 x 874)

Barry, 08.01.2014

The Ikarus company was set up by Hugo Stinnes the man who effectively founded Arado in Germany

MarcoO., 16.09.2012

Further Data:Speed 428 km/h at 7440 mt; 340 km/h at S.L.(the 435 k/h data appears incorrect).
wing Area=18 square meters.
(From William Green's "Warplanes of the second world war-Volume 4")
Regars: Marco O.

lukasiak65, 15.01.2010

FIRST FLIGHT-1935, CREW-1, ENGINE 1 x 860hp
Empty weight- 1438 kg, Loaded weight- 1930kg
Wingspan-11.4 m Length-7,87m Height-3,84m
Max. speed- 428-435km/h , cruise speed- 412km/h
Ceiling-10500 m , Range w/max.fuel 400 km
ARMAMENT-1 x 20mm + 2x7,92mm machine-guns,

Dr. Sata, 04.06.2009


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