Rogozarski IK-3
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Rogozarski IK-3

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MarcoO, 16.09.2012

As far as the Ikarus S-49 is concerned,the Ikarus S-49A was a immediately post-war development of the soviet Yak-9 (first flight 1949) powered by a klimov VK.105 engine.
As, soon after the production begun, the klimov engine was no more available, the yugoslavian technician were forced to use the similar Hispano-Suiza 12Z-17, but the greater weight imposed the redesign of the structure (now all metal instead of mixed construction).
The resulting version was the S-49C produced in 113 examples as compared with the 45 S-49A.
As for specifications (S-49C), according to the "complete book of fighter":
engine=H.S-12Z-17 (1500 HP).
Weight=empty=2818 kg;loaded=3468kg
Dimensions:=Wingspan=10.30m; lenght=9,30 m; Height=2,9m; Wing area=16.55sq mt.
maximum speed=628km/h at 1525m.
Range=690km; service ceiling=10.000m; climb to 6000m=6.9 min.
Armament=1*20mm gun;2*12,7mm MG; 2*50kg bombs or 4*Rockets HVAR.
A personal commentk it would be better to give a different entry in the database to the Ikarus S-49.

MarcoO, 16.09.2012

Techinical data according to William's Green "War planes of the second world war":
Engine=920hp AVIA built H.S.12Ycrs;Produced about forty; Weights: Empty=1870kg;Loade=2400kg;
Dimensions: Wingspan=10,30m;Lenght=8,35m; Height=3,25m; Wing surface=16.60square meters;
Maximum speed:420km/h at S.L.; 526km/h at 5600 m.
Normal range=500km at 400km/h; service ceiling=8500 m.
Armamaent=1H.S.404 20mm cannon and 2 7,92mm MG

lukasiak65, 15.01.2010

That's raigt - IK-3 was very good aircrft. But S-49 was a new construction. He based on Yakovlev Yak-3/Yak-9 and was engined : S-49A - 1x1180hp (Klimov WK-107) or S-49C - 1x1500hp (Hispano Suiza HS-12Z)

goran, 07.07.2008

It was excellent aircraft.Despite the fact she was some mix between hawker hurricane&morane saulnier,both pretty obsolate for the time were used.Good to say she has had fairly weak engine cca 960 hp,but Royal Yugoslav Airforce was testing prototype with german DB 600 engine and one with rolce -royce merlin engine to increase performance of aircraft..She has had very good score during german air raids ove rthe Belgrade.Only six were operational.Good side of the aircraft was cannon fireing through axis of the engine and two browning machine guns.She was very good manoevering,and had very strong structure.After second world war it was produced in Tito's Yugoslavia under the name SC-49.

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