SOKO G-2 Galeb
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SOKO G-2 Galeb

All the Yugoslav aircraft factories that had existed before World War II were destroyed during the German occupation, and it was some two or three years after 1945 before it was possible to resume design and construction. Established as Preduzece SOKO in 1951, and now named SOKO Vazduhoplovna Industrija, Ro Vazduhoplovstvo, SOKO began licence construction of various foreign aircraft before it began design of its own first aircraft in 1957. This was the SOKO G2-A Galeb (seagull) two-seat trainer. Similar in configuration to the Aermacchi M.B.326, the first of two prototypes was flown during May 1961 and production was started in 1963. Powered by a 1134kg thrust Rolls-Royce Viper 22-6 turbojet, the G2-A was the standard version for the Yugoslav air force. A G2-AE export variant became available from late 1974 and was built for Libya and Zambia.

The Galeb was complemented by a generally similar but higher performance single-seat light attack/tactical reconnaissance version designated J-1 Jastreb (hawk), which had a strengthened airframe and was powered by the improved Rolls-Royce Viper 531 turbojet. This was built as the J-1 attack and RJ-1 tactical reconnaissance aircraft for the Yugoslav air force, with corresponding J-1E and RJ-1 E versions for export. For operational conversion a two-seat TJ-1 was developed. Production of all versions of the Jastreb ended during 1978, and of the G-2A Galeb in 1983. It is unlikely that any Jastrebs or Galebs remain in use in Yugoslavia, and the status of the Libyan and Zambian aircraft is uncertain.

SOKO G-2 GalebA three-view drawing (592 x 799)

 MODELG-2A "Galeb"
 ENGINE1 x Rolls-Royce "Viper" 11 Mk. 22-6, 11.1kN
    Take-off weight3710 kg8179 lb
    Empty weight2488 kg5485 lb
    Wingspan10.4 m34 ft 1 in
    Length10.4 m34 ft 1 in
    Height3.3 m11 ft 10 in
    Wing area19.4 m2208.82 sq ft
    Max. speed812 km/h505 mph
    Ceiling10000 m32800 ft
    Range w/max.payload1250 km777 miles

Bojadin, 20.04.2012

There is still one in service in Technical Operating Centre in Belgrade [Serbia], 1 is flown by Soko aero club [i believe the actual prototype], also in Belgrade, and 5 are flown by Stars aerobatic group from Novi Sad

Rick R, 01.05.2011

If I recall, these aircraft were used as the bad guy planes in Iron Eagle III.

Todd Bohon, 11.04.2011

Several G2A's were imported into the U.S. in the early 1980's by PPonk Aviation in Washington state. They occasionally show up for sale in Trade-A-Plane.

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