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Chu Humming Bird B

In 1945 C.J.Ghu turned his attention to rotorcraft and designed a co-axial helicopter, known as the Humming Bird Model A. During the tie-down test, the ground screw came off with the rope, the Humming Bird tipped over and both its rotors were broken.

A start was immediately made on building a second version, the Humming Bird Model B.

But, as the general laconically tells the story: "Just as it was finished, however, I was sent to Formosa and for a variety of reasons we had to leave the ship on the mainland ..."

While in Formosa, Chu became interested in the tandem configuration and set to work again. After eighteen months' work, the aircraft was ready.

P.Lambermont "Helicopters and Autogyros of the World", 1958

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Technical data for Humming Bird Model B

Engine: 1 x Kinner B-5 rated 125hp, rotor diameter: 7.62m, width: 2.34m, height: 2.63m, gross weight: 725kg, empty weight: 590kg, maximum speed: 136km/h, cruising speed: 112km/h, inclining climb: 140m/min, hover ceiling: 910m, range: 219km

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I was pleasently surprised by the images of the Chu Helicopters. But I do not seem to be able to find anymore images regarding this helicopters. Please point me to any further information regarding the Chu Helicopters. I am just surprised and excited, as a Taiwanese, my friends and I have never heard of them.

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