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C. 9 became the first avtožirom, which was not used on the fuselage from an already existing device. Two were built in the fuselage: single designated Avro Type 576, and double-Avro Type 581; the latter was used to prototype the famous biplane company Avian. Autogyro with. 9, equipped with engine Armstrong Siddeley Genet 52kw capacity, first flew in Hčmbl in September 1927 year.

Parnall built two single-seat autogyro, but none of them succeeded; autogyro with. 10 from 1927 onwards had engine Genet 110kw power and short wings; He crashed during comparative trials with avtožirom c. 9, built by Avro. Autogyro with. 11 construction Parnalla (1928 year) was like a machine with a. 10, but is equipped with engine power 89kVt Airdisco A.D.C..

Autogyro with. 12 built by Avro, was based on the fuselage of the company Avian and first flew in 1929 year. He was subsequently converted to a single option, and installed metal floats made his first seaplane with a rotating wing that flew from Southampton port in April 1930 year. Nicknamed "Hydrogyro", it was equipped with the Avro Alpha engine power 0,75 kW.

In 1926 year company Short Brothers was issued technical specification for autogyro-flying boat denoted. 14, which was supposed to have a metal casing and engine power 362kVt at Bristol Jupiter, but tests revealed problems with vibration and resistance, and the project was stopped.

Symbol s. 15 and s. 16 were used for recent projects, and c. 17 (Avro Type 612), a smaller version of gyroplanes c. 8 l Mk.III, had as a basic fuselage Avian IIIA and A.D.C. Cirrus engine was equipped with a capacity of 67kVt III. Flights in running Siervy in October 1928 year revealed that avtožiru lacks power, and the second option c. 17 Mk II was built with star-shaped engine Avro Alpha power 0,75 kW; He also proved unsuccessful.

Designation of c. 18 was given to dvuhmestnomu avtožiru with a separate cabin, built in France by Weymann-Lepere in the year 1929. Equipped with an outdoor star engine Salmson AC7, rated at 145kVt, he was the only instance that was imported into the Uk by Cierva Autogyro in June 1929 year.

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