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Focke-Achgelis Fa-336

After termination of the work on the Fa.330 "Wagtail" it was next decided to transform the Fa.330 into a helicopter with engine. It was soon determined as unfeasible. Instead the Focke Achgelis engineers developed a quite new helicopter, which received the designation Fa.336. It was a single-seat device with outside features, reminiscent of the Fa.330.

Like the Fa.330, the Fa.336 could be stowed away and dismantled in a similar manor. With a total length of 6.8m the Fa.336 possessed a three-blade rotor of 7.5m diameter and a tail rotor with 1.5m diameter. Its strengthened Zuendapp engine Z9-92 was rated at 60hp.

Instead of a swash plate, a new design was applied to increase blade angle. This new design was developed for Focke Achgelis by Mr. Wewoloschky, a an engineer,who was conscripted to help solve this problem.

Deviating from Focke's building principle, the Fa.336 had a tail rotor with horizontal drive shaft. The construction from steel tube corresponded to that of the Fa.330. The Fa.336 remained only a design, because there were very few specialists in the whole design engineering department, and those were divided and indispensable for the care of the Fa.223 and its development.

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Technical data for Fa 336

Crew: 1, engine: 1 x Z9-92 pistone engine, rated at 45kW, main rotor diameter: 7.5m, length: 6.8m

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