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Kamov AK

Discouraged by atmosphere of fear at CAHI which stultified design, Kamov took job of chief designer in factory at Smolensk opened 1939 to make production autogyros (beginning with A-7-Za). Obtained permission to undertake side-by-side observation machine with side doors. Tricycle gear, single fin rudder on struts from rotor head and main gears, no wings. Delayed by evacuation July 1941 but work restarted at new facility in Lake Baikal region 1942. Abandoned 1943 because of termination of interest by VVS.

Bill Gunston "The Osprey Encyclopedia of Russian Aircraft", 2000

Kamov AK

Technical data for AK

Engine: 1 x MV-6, rotor diameter: 13.5m, loaded weight: 1317kg, empty weight: 1026kg, max speed: 176km/h, ceiling: 4,700m

Kamov AK

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