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Major reconstruction of KaSkr-1 with much more powerful engine in helmeted cowl forming part of new light-alloy fron end. Other minor changes including rudder of better shape. Flown 1930; one photograph shows it on skis in winter 1930-31. Pilot D.A.Koshits flew KaSkr-2 on 90 occasions by late 1931, reaching figures given below. Pioneer Soviet autogyro, leading quickly to 2-EA and A-4 at CAHI.

Bill Gunston "The Osprey Encyclopedia of Russian Aircraft", 2000

Kamov-Skrzhinski KASKR-2

The KASKR-2 was the same aircraft as the KASKR-1 with a different power source: the former 100hp M-2 engine was replaced by a 230hp M-2 engine of the Gnome-Le Rhone Titan type.

The two designs got their KASKR designation from abbreviations of the names of the builders Kamov and Skrjinsky.

P.Lambermont "Helicopters and Autogyros of the World", 1958

Kamov-Skrzhinski KASKR-2

Technical data for KaSkr-2

Engine: Gnome-Rhone Titan 5-cylinder radial rated at 168kW, rotor diameter: 12m, length: 9m, loaded weight: 1100kg, empty weight: 865kg, speed: 110km/h, ceiling: 450m, endurance: 28min

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