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A prototype helicopter is currently undergoing flight trials by the Piaggio company. Styled P.D.4, it is a tandem-rotor design, powered, apparently, by an inverted-vee, eight-cylinder engine at the rear. There appears to be a large space behind the pilot's seat where cargo could be stowed in the vicinity of the e.g.

"Flight", 10 April 1953

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The P.D.4 was a four-seat helicopter with two rotors placed in tandem. Initially it had to be equipped with 450hp Alpha Romeo engine but then a 215hp Franklin was adopted.

The helicopter flew in the first half of 1952, demonstrating good handling characteristics although being seriously underpowered. In a wrong maneuver during a landing with lateral wind it was seriously damaged and wasn't repaired.

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Technical data for PD.4

Engine: 1 x Franklin, 215hp, rotor diameter: 9.0m, loaded weight: 1400kg

Pierre Terrail, e-mail, 22.04.2007reply

Thanks Gordon, i'm gone a see what i can do...

Pierre Terrail, e-mail, 02.04.2007reply

Has anyone, any more info on this helo???

Gordon Dale, e-mail, 08.04.2007reply

I have recently visited several helo museums in Italy and do not recall seeing the PD4, however Italy has a very rich aviation history and contacting perhaps someone at ENAC or Agusta or perhaps one of the many Italian aviation magazines may help.

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