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Roteron XM-1

This photograph shows the Roteron XM-1 single-seater helicopter. The weight is given as 104kg, the rotor span 4.72m, and the length 3.25m. Steel tube frame; alloy and plastic covering.

"Flight", August 22, 1946

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In 1945 William Thomas, President of the Roteron Corporation, began work on a midget helicopter of an original design. By placing the engine between the two co-axial rotors, he had more space available in the fuselage, and considerable saving in construction also resulted because power was directly transmitted to the rotors.

1946 XM-1

The outstanding feature of this single-seater helicopter was the position of its 5-cylinder engine between the two contra-rotating co-axial rotors. The latter each had two sets of blades, a longer set below a shorter set which, however, produced an anti-torque effect. Both sets of blades were made of solid laminated maple wood. The pitch and speed of either rotor could be controlled and in case of engine failure they could turn by auto-rotation.

The fuselage consisted of a steel tubing frame covered with an aluminium skin. The rudder, supported at the end of two tubes, could pivot from the vertical to the semi-horizontal position. The tricycle undercarriage had three fully swivelling wheels.

P.Lambermont "Helicopters and Autogyros of the World", 1958

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If you Google "Douheret Helicopter" and click on "image" you can see this counter torque design approach goes back to 1918. In 1957 I had a toy (patent 2949693)that operated on this principal.

Dan, e-mail, 29.12.2014reply

I think Bruno Nagler's model 120 had a similar layout. His helicopter patents 2948491 and 3206145 used this design approach.

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Its an amazing rotorcraft....with a light body nd weight...
nd onething is very interesting dat it has 5 cylinder engine between the rotors....its a kind of advantage of dat time....nd an instigation for us.....

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Nehaa Varshney......

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I like aviation information. and i like to that make a smal copper same as this (Roteron XM-1). I want you guide me on this case by send this information.
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