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Sikorsky S-1

Igor Sikorsky's first attempt at building a helicopter. The airframe was a wire-braced wooden cage, enclosing a 25hp Anzani engine. Co-axial steel shafts carried the two contra-rotating rotors, each with two blades comprising wooden ribs with linen covering. Two months of testing in the summer of 1909, including at least one narrow escape when the helicopter almost capsized on him while at maximum rpm, convinced the young designer that it was too heavy to become airborne with such an inadequate power plant.

John W.R. Taylor "Images of America - Sikorsky", 1998

Sikorsky S-1

The S-1 was the first attempt by I.I.Sikorsky to build a flying machine. It was a helicopter with two coaxial two-bladed propellers (upper 4.6m diameter, lower - 5.0m).

Tested, but failed to take off - falling on one side.

Russian Aviation Museum

Sikorsky S-1

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thanks to sikorsky his name dominats the sky .love copters

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sikorsky had contributed trimendiously to the technological advancement of copters,so he is considered as the father of copter too like the first building was quite amazing,its cool but too heavy with much blades,bravo.

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Is wery nice helicopter for early 1909 I see a lot of time documentary for Igor Sikorsky and for building helicopter

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