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Sikorsky S-60

In 1958 Sikorsky began design work on the Model S-60 twin-engined heavy-lift helicopter, a machine that incorporated the pod-mounted piston engines and dynamic components of the earlier Model S-56/CH-37. The S-60's fuselage was extremely simple, consisting of a central 'backbone' which supported the podded engines, main and tail rotor systems, and a nose-mounted crew cabin. Bulk cargo and passengers were intended to be carried in large rectangular pods that could be attached to the underside of the aircraft's central spine, whereas vehicles and other out-sized loads were to be sling-hoisted. One S-60 was built for Navy evaluation, but the craft was found to be underpowered for its intended roles and Sikorsky took the design back to the drawing boards for extensive reworking. The reconfigured machine, which was allotted the company designation S-64A, made its first flight in May 1962 under the watchful eyes of Army observers.

S.Harding "U.S.Army Aircraft since 1947", 1990

Sikorsky S-60

Sikorsky's first 'flying crane' helicopter was the Sikorsky S-60, developed from the S-56 and retaining that machine's powerplant, transmission and rotor system. Work began in May 1958 and the prototype was flown on 2 March 1969; it was capable of lifting a 5443kg payload beneath the fuselage boom, and the co-pilot could turn his seat to face aft to control loading and unloading. The prototype S-60 crashed in April 1961, but by then Sikorsky had begun construction of an enlarged version, with a six-bladed main rotor driven by two 3020kW JFTD-12A turboshaft engines. Designated S-64, the prototype flew on 9 May 1962.

D.Donald "The Complete Encyclopedia of World Aircraft", 1997

Sikorsky S-60

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michael french, e-mail, 25.07.2015

Enjoyed talking with Charlie and Bill about the S-60 restoration. Will be a real treat to see when completed. The Army Transportation Museum at Fort Eustis, VA has a nicely presented CH-37 Mojave Helicopter on display. This class of helicopter was a real "Cargo Beast" and the USMC had a variant that operated on Navy ships. Easy now to see how Igor and Staff morphed the S-56 / CH-37 components into the piston powered Sky Crane prototype. Lessons learned from the S-60 eventually led to Sikorsky's turbine powered S-64 (CH-54 Tarhe for the Army)and HH-53 versions for the Navy, USMC, and Air Force. Appropriate that 50+ years after the S-60 mishap (crew was not injured), that this historic aircraft is being stored to fine showcase condition. Mike

Andrew King, e-mail, 07.01.2015

The Connecticut Air & Space Center in Stratford, CT acquired the S-60 from the New England Air Museum in 2010. It is currently undergoing a full static restoration at our facility.

soccer, e-mail, 16.06.2011

this is sweet i wish i had one

deaftom, e-mail, 14.04.2011


Who is this "we" that possess it and are restoring it?

Jason P, e-mail, 25.03.2011

I believe the first flight of the S-60 was 25 March 1959, not 2 March 1969.

Chris, e-mail, 23.11.2010

We have this one of a kind aircraft and are in the beginning phases of restoring it.

dick balls, 30.03.2010

this is sweet i wish i had one

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