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Light autogyro designed at OOK by Kuznetsov. First rotary-wing machine with folding blades, and also folding wings. Construction as before except balloon tyres instead of shock struts. Flown Ts.A.Korsinshchikov aerly 1933 and from start showed outstandingly good flying qualities, far better than A-4 on which all official attention was polarized. Following various research programmes in winter 1933, one of which was testing V (butterfly) tail.

Bill Gunston "The Osprey's Encyclopedia of Russian Aircraft", 2000


Technical data for A-6

Engine: 1 x M-11, rotor diameter: 11.0m, wing area: 5.9m2, length: 6.3m, height: 3.2m, weight empty: 562kg, fuel/oil: 67kg, weight loaded: 815kg, max speed: 142km/h, min speed: 53km/h, ceiling: 2000m, endurance: 2.5h, take-off run: 50m, landing run: 0m

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