American Jet Industries Inc. founded 1951; became specialists in modification and repair of executive and transport aircraft, including large cargo types. Successful program of Cessna turboprop conversions. In June 1968 first flew Super Pinto, a jet primary trainer or light strike aircraft developed from TT-1 Pinto built by Temco. Work also done on five-seat executive version. Under 1974 expansion program, concentrated production facilities at Van Nuys Airport, California, building Hustler, a seven-seat business/utility monoplane with supercritical wing, conventional turboprop, and 'standby' turbofan in rear fuselage. First flight January 11,1978. Purchased Grumman American Aviation Corporation September 1978, being renamed Gulfstream American in 1979. Meantime, AJI renamed Gulfstream American Corporation of California, developing the Peregrine as a jet trainer and business aircraft. All programs stopped 1985.

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